Is this really ME?

Eight months ago, I dove into my purpose. It was a scary moment as it wasn’t planned, but are things ever planned…
As I dove into the world of business and entrepreneurship, I learned about marketing, business development, and especially a community where do-this, do-that, right-way, wrong-way were the main focus and influencers.
I felt overwhelmed. I found myself changing this, moving that, adapting this and reviewing that. I had become a puppet, moving in whatever direction was suggested and not always feeling comfortable in the process.
About 2 months ago, I realized I was slowly stepping off my path. I was letting fear guide my decision making around my brand instead of keeping my focus which is to stay true to myself.
My Map to Happiness is a unique brand and method whose foundation encourages you to define your uniqueness and embrace it.
I walk my talk.
But I had missed my step.
I realized how in the last months, I had started writing blogs according to the “shoulds” and “how-to’s” of the internet.
But, was that style really mine?
I started feeling fake. I was no longer taking the time to feel if the choices I was making were mine, or someone else’s. I was making decisions based on what everyone else in the industry was doing vs. who I am and how I want to be seen and heard in the midst of it all.
Don’t get me wrong, the suggested how-to’s and give them actionable steps were all very valuable advice … (you can find those in my monthly newsletters).
But they didn’t belong in my blogs.
My blogs aren’t shared to give you the steps to this or the how-to do that. My blogs are here to share a story. My story. I want you to know that you’re not alone in your process.
I’ve been there.
I know you question yourself … often.
You second guess one too many decisions. And, you struggle in the conventional setting. You struggle where everyone seems to be going through life with less than a hiccup to disturb their day.
So, you wonder … are you being difficult, should you just settle for this good paying, not so bad lifestyle? Or, should you listen to yourself and that tug that keeps on coming up? You know, that feeling and the little voice that’s telling you to do something different.
Face your fears. Acknowledge that you’re unconventional. The way you’re currently living your life, might not be the right option for you.
And, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.
We need a world where more people embrace their uniqueness and trust their gut.
When you’re questioning your path, it can get confusing and overwhelming.
Been there done that.
It becomes important to clearly define yourself. Who are you, becomes a key question that needs to be answered. Do you know how to start answering it?
If you answered no, embark on your self-discovery journey by registering here to the free webinar, Live a Life YOU Love!
<3 Priscilla a.k.a. Satya

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