How to Create Meaningful Change

Imagine your life as it is right now. You live day by day, behaving as you’re expected to. But secretly, you have a desire to experience more. You collect items or pictures of things you wish to have or experience. It’s your best-kept secret. The greater part of it is kept deeply hidden in your deepest daydreams and stored neatly in your imagination.

You wouldn’t dare share it with just anyone and make yourself vulnerable to their judgment.

One day you slip. You let someone know what you often dream of. It’s clear in their reaction that they find it to be ridiculous. *CRINGE* Why would you want to leave the comfort and security of this well-established job? *HEART SINKS* How can you possibly believe that venturing into the unknown will bring you more happiness, comfort, and financial stability? *WORRY-HAS-BEEN-TRIGGERED*

You feel crushed.
You wish you hadn’t said anything. You’ll definitely never share your dreams and make yourself vulnerable again.

This is your first mistake.

Share your dream, but only with those you feel safe with
The desire you have to be different, to be free from society’s expectations and its strong grasp on your life and how it “should” be lived isn’t a desire shared by everyone.

When you have a dream, you need to share it with others. But it’s not meant to be shared with anyone and everyone. Be selective. Take your time to choose to share it with those you know will encourage you.

Step outside the conventional box
The other day, I was reading an article on a new documentary, Mermaids. It made me reminisce about my all-time favourite Disney movie, The Little Mermaid.

The producer, Ali Weinstein says:

“…The mermaid has developed into this complex dual character who is strong and beautiful and free and at the same time lonely and at times very sad. […] Women, connect with her because she represents a freedom that they may aspire to while at the same time having this very human experience of suffering […]. (Bytowne Film Guide, Issue #188)

Many women are quite content with their life and lifestyle. But you, my dear, are among those who aren’t. You’re unconventional and believe it or not, that’s absolutely AWESOME. So please, step outside the conventional box!

Believe change is possible
As I mentioned, this passage made me think of the Disney version of The Little Mermaid and how it relates to life.

You have a dream, something that seems unattainable. Because it seems so impossible, you experience suffering. You know deep in your heart that this dream was meant to be your reality, your life.

But how, you ask? How do you create meaningful change, when the change you want to create is impossible?

There are always solutions to every obstacle out there, every single one of them. Your resistance and fear are the only things getting in your way.

Ariel found a Sea Witch to turn her fins into legs – I know, it’s a fairy tale – BUT if you want to create the life you think you can only dream of, you have to be willing to imagine the unimaginable and take some risks.

If you’re suffering is coming from a need for freedom – Freedom from your current job; Freedom to express yourself, your creativity, your dreams; Freedom to detach from societal expectations – giving up freedom could explain why you experience sadness a.k.a. suffering.

The ugly truth is that you’ve created this situation. The upside of that truth is that you can also change this situation and create another life for yourself.

If you’ve seen the movie, you also know there were some serious challenges in Ariel’s pursuit of her dream. That’s also part of the picture. No one will ever tell you their journey was easy. And, they won’t tell you it was impossible. You’ll have to make some sacrifices, face fears, and remember to stay true to yourself in the process.

The real test will be showing your dedication to your dream.
What are you willing to give up, and, when do you ask for help?
One of the first steps you can take to start creating the change you want to see in your life is to believe that change is possible.


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<3 Priscilla a.k.a Satya

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