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Trust & Surrender

Are YOU Making the Right Decisions?

You have the power. You are a powerful being, greater than you can imagine. You’ve navigated life taking right or wrong turns, taking risks, and making choices. And you’ve come this far whether you like what your life looks like today or not. And, tomorrow you can start again.  You can do something NEW. You

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3 Tips to Be Fearless

BE COURAGEOUS Living a life you love requires you to step outside of your comfort zone to experience the magic. Find the courage to take that initial step into the unknown.  CHOOSE YOU Decisions will have to be made. Choose the ones that are aligned with your Soul’s desires and purpose.  TRUST The Universe will

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Turn Fear into Action

Can Money Make YOU Happy?

Whenever I think about THE biggest fear my clients have around the decision to switch careers, finances is always what comes to mind.  I think that’s actually the case for anyone looking to make any major changes in their life (i.e., moving, purchasing a home, asking for professional help). Hey, even I have fears around

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3 Tips to Pursue YOUR DREAM CAREER

GET CLARITY Do not underestimate the importance of gaining career clarity. It’s the foundation to find a career you LOVE and to conduct a successful job search. CHECK YOUR MINDSET It’s not uncommon to second guess desires. We live in a society that makes us believe that dreams are only a figment of our imagination.

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It’s Time to Choose YOU.

Do you ever say yes and immediately wish you had said no? Or sway between yes, maybe, and no, wishing you had more time to think about the choice you need to make? Then you say YES to please and again, later you wish you had said no? I’ve struggled with a quick YES my

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3 Tips to Believe in Positive Change

POSITIVE THOUGHTSYour thoughts create your reality. Start to set a foundation to help you believe in the possibility of finding your dream career. TRUSTDo you believe in magic? If you don’t it’s time to trust in what you feel in your heart. Some things can only be experienced by experiencing them … SET INTENTIONSPractice manifesting

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I help creative women who feel unhappy at work wake up to a career they want, love, and deserve.

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