Imagine, waking up to a life and career youLove!



To start living the life you want to live,
not the one you think you “should” be living?

The life YOU’RE dreaming of, is out there waiting for YOU…

How many more years will you continue to ignore the incessant tug you feel within?

I’m here to tell you that waking up to a career you love IS possible.

You can get rid of that sinking feeling on Sunday nights.

You can wake up excited to go to work on Mondays, and look forward to your week at work,
enjoy what you do, experience success, and make money doing something you love.


Yes, there are people out there waking up to a career they want, love and deserve every day –
 You can be one of them. YOU deserve it.
All you need to do is take one simple step –
Book a DREAM BIG call.



Dare to dream™ is a 6-month transformational program,
my unique step-by-step process to get the job you want, love and deserve.

This is possible for YOU even if you:

  • Have NO IDEA what you you would do next and can’t imagine there’s anything better than your current job out there,
  • Feel STUCK because you don’t like your job and don’t know how to get yourself out of it because you have bills to pay,
  • Believe it’s too late because you think you will have to start from scratch to find a career you LOVE
  • See everyone around you is settling for money over happiness, so you feel guilty because you have an amazing salary & benefits, but you’re dissatisfied at work yearning for something more meaningful and fulfilling. 


Believe it or not,

All of my clients struggle with these fears.
It’s NORMAL, even if you’re well into your 40’s wondering why you haven’t figured your life out yet.

I know it can feel overwhelming and stressful, but trust me when I say,

I’ve been helping people find a life and career they love since 2012, and you can be next!

There IS a solution!
It can be easy when you 

  • Know exactly WHAT steps to take,
  • Understand and use the best tools and strategies to support and guide you,
  • Learn to trust yourself and your intuition, 


  • Are supported to confidently take action even if your fear has always gotten in your way and made you feel as though YOUR DREAM was impossible

When you have the courage to make a commitment, to take ONE simple step,
you can’t even start to imagine what’s possible and what you can create.

All of a sudden, THE DREAM can become YOUR REALITY.

YOUR journey starts with ONE simple step, a complimentary DREAM BIG call.
Book yours today!


… so you can confidently take the next step in your life and/or career

This unique self-discovery process will set the foundation to help you discover what your heart truly desires in your life and career, so you can start living the life you want to live, not the life you think you should be living. 

who's priscilla

I’m Priscilla Jabouin, a Holistic Career and Mental Health Counsellor. I help creative women who feel unhappy at work discover their dream career.

In 2009, I was in what I would describe as “career hell”.

I would have that pit feeling in my stomach on Sunday evenings and get out of bed on Monday mornings dreading the week ahead.

I know what it’s like to feel like you’re doing everything right to be successful and happy but it still feels like something’s wrong.

“I mean, I should have felt grateful”                                  

But…I was happy.

I was miserable, confused, stressed out, and drained at the end of each work day.

I FELT STUCK because I had NO IDEA what I would do next if I decided to leave my career as a school teacher.

When my high levels of stress affected my health, I knew something had to change. 

I know how challenging it can be to choose yourself. To make your dreams and your well-being a priority when you don’t know how you’ll pay the bills if you decide to quit your job.

I took the risk to follow what my heart truly desired. It was THE BEST thing I could have done! And it led me here: Helping people live a life they love!

Listen to my story to find out what happened on the other side of fear.


I’m here to tell YOU that there’s NOTHING wrong with YOU.

YOUR Creative Soul doesn’t fit in with the status quo and that’s OK because you ARE unique. And YOUR DREAM CAREER is just as unique as you are, waiting for you.

And YOU can be the next DREAMER I help!

My personal journey and professional background have supported me in helping many  people from different ages and backgrounds follow their heart, and discover what enlightens them and makes them want to wake up on Monday mornings since 2012.

A Snapshot of My Professional Background:

  • Conseillère en orientation, L’Ordre des conseillers(ères) en orientation du Québec (OCCOQ)
  • Certified Canadian Counsellor, Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association (CCPA)
  • Accredited Holistic Career & Life Coach™
places where I have spoken


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