Imagine, waking up to a career and life youLove!



You have the University degree and followed all the "right" steps hoping to feel successful and happy.

But all you got for the last 20+ years is an ongoing cycle of career dissatisfaction.

And let’s not even get started with Monday mornings.
Dragging yourself out of bed, anticipating Friday when the week just got started. 

You wish you could just quit your 9 to 5.

But you feel confused  about what’s next.
And let’s be honest, a bit worried to take such a big financial risk.

But, what if there was a simple solution?

What if you could get really clear about what your heart truly desires to do!
Unapologetically say YES to what you want so you can quit the 9 to 5,
and, just go for it

You and I both know you’ve been feeling the tug in your heart telling you to follow the dream!

To live the life you want to live instead of the one you think you should be living

So what are you waiting for?

who's priscilla

Hey, I’m Priscilla Jabouin, a Holistic Career Coach, Career Pleasure Coach and Womens' Cheerleader!

My Professional Qualifications:

  • Masters of Arts, Counselling Psychology, McGill University
  • Certified Canadian Counsellor, Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association (CCPA)
  • Certified Pleasure Coach, The School of Womanly Arts
  • Accredited Holistic Career & Life Coach™
  • 500 hours Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance
  • Masters of Arts, Child Study, Concordia University
  • Sacred Woman Renaissance Initiate
  • Reiki Level 3 Practitioner
  • Bachelor in Education, Queen’s University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Honours in Psychology, U of Ottawa

And, I know exactly what it feels like to make all the “right” decisions to be successful in your career so you can be happy, and still feel like something’s wrong. 

In 2009, I was in what I would describe as “career hell”. I would have that pit feeling in my stomach on Sunday evenings and get out of bed on Monday mornings dreading the week ahead.

I should have been grateful, but I felt miserable, confused, stressed out, and drained at the end of each work day.

I also FELT STUCK because I had NO IDEA what I would do next if I decided to leave my career as a school teacher.

When my high levels of stress affected my health, I knew something had to change

You can listen to my story to find out what happened on the other side of fear after I quit my 9 to 5!





is a unique 3-months step-by-step self-discovery journey
to help you CHOOSE the life you want to live,
not the one you think you SHOULD be living

You’ve reached society’s definition of career success.

So why do you feel so empty, and some days you even feel depressed?

You have what others would die for, an excellent pension plan, great benefits, an amazing salary, and an upcoming promotion.

So why do you feel overwhelmed, stressed out, and anxious about what’s next?


There’s that tug in your heart again.

It’s telling you something has to change.

It’s been telling you something has to change for way too long, but it scares you to pay attention.

What if that feeling in your heart is wrong?

So you feel stuck, and you wonder what you’re doing wrong that’s keeping you from feeling fulfilled in the status quo life.

And even if you did decide to quit your 9 to 5. Then what.
What would you do instead?

Sometimes it even feels as though you don’t deserve to be happy at work (no one else seems to be).

But you can no longer ignore this feeling, this 𝒸𝓇𝒶𝓏𝓎 feeling telling you it’s time to pursue something new.

Goddess, I want you to know that you are not alone.

It happens to the best of us.

Those of us who want to feel good in ALL areas of our life. 
We don’t want to settle for less – but we’re afraid what we desire isn’t available in this world.

You are a Goddess who wants to feel free!
You want to express your creativity in the world of work!
You want to feel passion and excitement.

Heck, you want to feel ALIVE.

And let’s be real.
You want to love what you do and make money doing it!

You want to love waking up on Monday mornings, Tuesday mornings etc., and feel like it’s all the same because you’re finally doing something that’s aligned with your Soul. 

Waking up to do something that you LOVE!

Do things that make you blissful.
Don’t wait to live; this is all the life you have.

I know you’ve tried to quit in the past. You searched for another job and couldn’t find anything that felt right.

You read Parachute books, and other self-help bestsellers but nothing.

You even discussed your career with your therapist.

You tried to talk yourself out of it, believing you might be the problem.

But you know it isn’t true.
And, you never gave up.

Goddess, if you’re ready to quit your 9 to 5 so you can finally experience something new,
something your heart truly desires, then let’s do it.

I would love to be your biggest cheerleader.
To take an unwavering stand for your desires.

And, if you feel like now’s the right time for you to embark on this deep self-exploration journey.

I’d love to be the one who guides you to choose the life you want to live, not the one you think you should be living.

It’s already yours Goddess 🌸

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