Why you Shouldn’t Pursue YOUR DREAM CAREER

Do you ever wonder what would really happen if you were to make the dream career YOUR priority? But, you worry about quitting your current job, not knowing where the money will come from. Not knowing if the dream career will support your current lifestyle and pay the bills…

What would happen if you dropped everything to pursue happiness and fulfillment at work?
Would YOUR PASSION really offer you financial stability?

I get it.

You’re worried, money IS important.

And, I’ve experienced first hand the hustle and bustle of making the dream career a reality, and pay my bills.

My Dream Career Story
In 2017, when I dove into my purpose and decided to focus 100% on my business – I had absolutely NO plan. Other than making sure I didn’t sink and regret quitting a well-paying job to pursue the unknown.

At the time, I’ll admit, I was freaking out, crying a lot and worrying about the decision I had made.

Let’s face it, I was starting my business from scratch and only had a bit of saving in my bank account. I had no money coming in and no clue how to actually start a successful business. All I knew was that I had a 50/50 chance of survival or failure.

But, there was also this readiness to finally pursue what my heart had desired for so many years (make that at least 2 solid ones).

So what really happened …

Before I continue, I just want to remind you that life never goes as planned.

I had been working with my business coach for a little under a year when it hit me.

The dream career blues.

The dream career blues happen when you’ve been working really hard on setting the foundation for something you truly want and taking all of the right steps to bring you forward but it’s SO slow you can barely feel yourself moving forward. Doubt kicks in and you start wondering if you made a mistake, if the dream career is a hoax.

A utopic approach to life that quickly gets shattered.

And, that’s when the truth kicks in. For some odd reason, we as a society believe the dream career equals smooth sailing, easy peasy, daily smiles and peace of mind. I mean that’s what a dream represents …

But there’s a twist.

To believe all of life’s challenges will disappear if you decide to pursue the dream career is the trap.
Life IS challenging.
There’s no way around that one.

Oh, and before I share the twist, I need you to know two things.

  1. Following YOUR heart is not an easy task;
  2. Doing what you love requires a deep commitment and dedication to YOU.

So here’s the twist – don’t pursue the dream career unless you’re willing to fight for what you love.

Understand that when you love something you commit to the outcome, to your vision no matter what it takes.
You will do everything you need to do to succeed. You will make sacrifices for YOUR DREAM CAREER: such as crashing on a friends couch or secluding yourself to a quiet city to focus on your creativity.

You’ll probably second guess yourself, get anxious about the future and maybe shed some tears – but YOUR PASSION, your raison-d’être will keep you moving forward. You will recognize that each step even minute is a step forward in the right direction.

You will not give up.

If something doesn’t work out the way you wished it had, you’ll tweak it and rework it until it works. You will find like-minded Souls who will support your journey and push you forward when you feel yourself falling back.

YOUR DREAM will become a reality.

Your life will become the dream, creating the dream will be your life.

Knowing WHY you do what you do will pave the way and your heart will always steer you in the right direction … when you can learn to trust it.

And yes, the money comes in – if you believe you deserve it.

You don’t have to do this alone.

If you’re ready to bring more fulfillment and happiness to your career but you’re aware that you’re worried about your financial stability …
Let’s talk because there’s a way to set the stage for financial abundance.
Because your heart’s been waiting …

Get crystal clear about where you are and where you want to be;
Identify the major challenge getting in your way;
Get some tips to get you started now!


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