Why that job you’re holding onto is a dud …

Do you believe in work as passionate play?

I’m guessing you don’t.
You’re either in career hell, dislike your job, sway between complaining a lot about it and liking it, or maybe you enjoy what you do…most of the time.

But you’re reading this, so I’ll assume you would rather be doing something else.

I was a school teacher for 3 years before I snapped out of it, and realized it wasn’t a good fit for me.
My first year as a teacher, I took a record number of sick days – I referred to them as my mental health days. I was teaching twenty-four 7-year-old kids and I was high-strung. I needed extra days off.

I quit my second position as a teacher (yes, I tried again) two months before the end of the school year because I just couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel a.k.a. June – I was miserable.

This led to my third teaching job, where I had 40 kids in a grade 6 English class and found myself called to the principal’s office every week – no joke.

Needless to say, it took me longer than necessary to get the picture and leave the profession.

If your Monday mornings are an anticipation of your Friday evening – why the heck are you still working there?

I’m sure you have a sturdy list of reasons, such as finances, or that no other employer could possibly offer you the same salary, and, well, you know … adult responsibilities, mortgages, car payments, the trip you just put on your credit card. Oh, and let’s not forget your student loans! And you’ll bite someone’s head off if they dare tell you those aren’t good enough reasons.

Did you know that your satisfaction at work impacts your mental health?
Recurring Monday blues, that pit feeling in your stomach when you’re dragging your feet to work every morning, or even the inner conversation you have with yourself, justifying why you haven’t started the job search yet. These all affect your mental health, which in turn leads to physical ailments. Yeah, that back pain that won’t go away? It might not have anything to do with your back…

Still not convinced?

Here are 8 reasons to consider finding a new job

  1. You have something to live for! Wouldn’t it be awesome to wake up every morning, motivated to go to work? A happy life leads to better health, which leads to a longer life and more vitality.
  2. Enhance your relationships! Your enthusiasm will make others want to be around you which will mean better relationships. You’ll also attract like-minded people. You might want to reconsider your friendship with that friend who’s often dragging you down.
  3. Great accomplishments. When you put your heart and soul into what you do, you are more productive and more successful.
  4. Be proud of yourself. Doing something that you love will increase your chances of being proud of your work and yourself. This will lead to healthier self-esteem and increase positive self-talk. You deserve it, boost that self-esteem!
  5. Be an authentic role model. Let’s say one day you have kids – add nieces, nephews, or any young person in your life. Would you really want them to believe that it’s OK to be miserable at work? Or, maybe you already tell them to live their life to the fullest but you don’t. Walk that talk, auntie!
  6. Make your life meaningful. Make a difference at work instead of only as an extracurricular activity. Do something that will make a difference for someone every day.
  7. Happiness is contagious … and so is boredom and dissatisfaction. Get a job you love, and build enthusiasm in your life. If you’re a happy person, you will become a magnet that people will want to be around. You’ll also attract other happy people. Or else, misery loves miserable company.
  8. Enjoy your life! You’ll find the pleasant things in life ‘cause you’re satisfied in your daily job. You’ll basically end up being more positive. All the time! 🙂

I believe you deserve a job where you can wake up on Monday mornings looking forward to the week ahead.
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Inspiring YOU to live a life you LOVE!
Priscilla a.k.a. Satya

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