Why Saying NO is Important for YOUR DREAM CAREER

Hey Dreamer!

It’s rare to meet anyone who enjoys saying NO.

There’s something about this two letter word that makes us feel like we need to justify it; or, that we’re hurting someone’s feelings by saying it. 

I used to REALLY struggle with my NO, by avoiding difficult conversations, or finding excuses to justify my NO.  

And, then I started to practice saying NO.

At first, it felt difficult and uncomfortable. I would feel guilty and embarrassed for indirectly asking for what I want.

Because, as Dreamers, saying NO is really about saying YES to you and what you really want. And, when you start to say NO, you start to feel empowered.

It’s a way to honour yourself, your needs, and your desires.

So why is it SO challenging to say YES to what our heart desires, especially when it’s one of the easiest paths to live a life you LOVE?! (and finding a career you love)

Because we’re in a patriarchal society that has taught us at a very young age that being a good girl, means saying YES to everything. And saying NO means we’re being selfish, and mean because we’re not thinking of others.

But, what about YOU in this equation?

If you never think about yourself, what happens to your needs and most importantly, your well-being? (and you and I both know that when you say YES to something you don’t really desire, you’re often left with resentment).

I won’t lie, saying NO is still difficult for me because this practice has many layers.

But, as you practice saying NO to the things you don’t want without worrying about how other people will react – because that is completely out of your control – then, it slowly becomes more comfortable, and easier to honour yourself without the guilt.

I’ve noticed that when I honour my NO, I start feeling better, freer, and more at ease.

I stop saying YES, a fake yes, that leads to resentment because my real answer is NO.

Each time, I become more comfortable saying NO, and then I move on.

I understand and know that saying NO is simply ME, honouring ME (no other complicated, twisted story).

As a Dreamer, YOU deserve to live a life you LOVE, even if it scares you; and when you start saying NO, it stops being so scary.

It becomes an opportunity for you to share your TRUTH, and to let others know exactly where you stand instead of being wishy washy.

Saying NO allows you to not only honour yourself, but leads you to also honour other people’s NO, without making a whole story about it.

NO, becomes a simple – NO. 

If you’re tired of saying YES to a career you don’t love.

It’s time for you to book a DREAM BIG CALL before we bring in the new year. 

Inspiring YOU to Live a Life you LOVE!
Priscilla, Queen P.

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