Do you have these two categories in your closet?
Work clothes and everyday clothes?

Your work clothes are items you only wear to work, and your everyday clothes are the ones you wear when you don’t go to work?

Common sense isn’t it.

You would never be caught dead with work clothes at a party, and when you get home from work, the first thing you do is throw these rigid, business or business casual clothes off to get into something more comfortable.

Like a comfy sweater, sweats and some warm wool socks (if it’s winter).

When I was a university student, all I could imagine was graduating to get a professional job where I went to work in a suit. Shirt, dress pants and high heels. I had no idea what that job would be, but I knew I would be killing it in a power suit. And that to me, was success.

Fast Forward many years later, and there I was in my suit, SO uncomfortable. Wishing I could wear something more flashy, with red. Something where I felt comfortable and not so uptight. I wanted to be able to feel like I could be me at work. Not a persona. I wanted to relax, be myself, share my opinions and be fun and blunt. I mean, that’s who I am so why suffocate my true self?

But society taught us that being professional and workplace material meant we would have to answer to some very specific rules. The suit and tie being one of them.

It seems the reality of the workplace wanted to give every single one of us an equal opportunity for advancement and success. Act all the same. Dress all the same. Make sure you all have the same top 5 skills employers are looking for and don’t you dare show your personality at work. But, what it actually ended up doing was support the ambitious, competitive, shark personality of some of the population; and thwart the creative, sensitive, emotional and unconventional side of all the others. Side note, creatives are also ambitious but have a heart-centered approach to it.

My friend, if you are unsatisfied in the workplace scenario society has sold you, I’m going to put myself out there and say your heart is probably yearning for something more creative. Something that allows your unique personality to shine and doesn’t force you into a circle when you’re a five cornered peg (i.e., a star).

When you take the time to stop, and really question the choices you’ve made and are making in your life around work; you will start to get to know yourself and what you really want. You will get to know yourself, and who you really are. In doing so, it becomes a lot easier to look for the job, career, occupation that fits your unique person. That encourages you to share your talents and express yourself fully. A work environment that doesn’t make you feel as though something is wrong with you if you wear colours and smile in the morning.  A work environment that believes in your potential and encourages you to bring change to the workplace. A work environment where you get along with your supervisor and colleagues, and share the same values and vision (maybe you’re the supervisor??!!).

Sounds too utopic?

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Priscilla, YOUR “DREAM CAREER” Expert
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