When Decision Making Makes you Lose YOUR Mind

How do you usually make decisions? 

Like BIG Life decisions?

This past month for me was all about finding the ideal job to add financial padding to the income I lost earlier in September.

The process was quite smooth with different opportunities of interest coming my way, but I found the decision-making a real challenge.

I found myself having to make choices between options that would: redirect my career (something I’ve been contemplating); require me to move, yet again; or opportunities that would take my career to the next level (if I chose to follow a linear trajectory).

Things were going well, but there I was again, in the heart vs. mind dilemma.

I don’t know about you, but when I have an important decision to make and my heart is guiding me towards one option, my mind quickly chimes in with all of the logical reasons why I « shouldn’t » listen to my heart.

When you know what you truly desire, it becomes easier to choose the option that brings you closer to what you want, instead of unintentionally allowing fear to dictate your actions.

So, I chose the option that was aligned with what my heart truly desired, the option that made it possible for me to focus on my self-care.

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