What’s on the Other Side of the Unknown

Hey Dreamer!

If you’re like most people, the unknown can bring about feelings of fear, where you find yourself imagining worse case scenarios, and you let your imagination and your worries run the show.

This is normal. 

As a society, we’re programmed to expect the worst as a way of protecting us from “danger” instead of imagining the best.

We also have a tendency of believing that imagining the best will lead to disappointment if we fail to create what we imagined; or, if something doesn’t go as planned.

But, the tricky part about thinking that way is that we attract what we believe in.

So, let’s imagine both case scenarios: the worst vs the best.

You probably find yourself feeling very differently in one scenario compared to the other, and as a result, you find yourself acting in two very different ways.

As a Dreamer, when we expect the worst, that’s often what we attract.
And if we expect the best, well who knows what will come our way! 

When you’re faced with the unknown, and your desire is to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life (a.k.a. one that you love), you have the option to choose which scenario you want to imagine and bring into your life.

Will you imagine the worse case scenario (i.e., fear), or the best case scenario (i.e.hope)?

I suggest you choose the option that allows you to DREAM BIG?

This year, I’m going to invite you to step into the unknown a little more often than you usually do, so you can really tap into what your heart truly desires.

And, if you’re able to connect to that little nudge inside that tells you to do it, I am going to suggest you …


All it takes is one simple step, and you can start with an in-depth DREAM BIG CALL.

During this call, you will start to reawaken to the possibilities of what’s available to you, if you’re ready to creating some meaningful shifts in your life and your career. 

Book a call today to get that extra encouragement and support while you embark on your self-discovery journey to discover YOUR DREAM CAREER.

Dreamer, waking up to a life and career you genuinely love is closer than you can imagine. 

Inspiring YOU to Live a Life you LOVE!

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