What Price are YOU Willing to Pay for YOUR DREAM?

Have you ever found yourself sharing your dream with someone and instead of receiving encouragement, their response was like a punch in the stomach? Perhaps the well-meaning counsel of friends and family ignited your deepest fears and left you paralyzed,
 wondering if it was really worth it to pursue the dream.

Perhaps your own inner critic was the loudest voice that made you give up on your desire to pursue something different.

Anyone who has ever succeeded in creating a life they love has had to deal with naysayers and negativity along the way. The good news is it’s never too late to pick up a dream deferred.

In November 2018, I decided it was time to pursue a long held dream to move to New York City. It was a scary dream that included a lot of people telling me “New York is expensive.”

My financial fears got triggered.

Was it really worth it to move to New York City?
Couldn’t I simply recreate the New York experience in Montreal instead of jumping through hoops to live in another country? Montreal was also one of my comfort zones since I had already lived there for almost eight years.

But something within me was yearning for New York.

When I could no longer ignore the fact that my heart truly desired a bite of the Big Apple, 
when I finally said YES, a world I could never have imagined opened up to me.

I’ll be sharing more details about this experience in my next monthly newsletter on December 8th. Find out what happened after I made the move to NYC. Was it worth it? Were there any regrets? Was it really too expensive?

Until then, what quiet dreams are fluttering inside your chest longing to take wing?

Our dreams are as unique as we are. You’re the only one who knows what’s important to you and what you are willing to sacrifice to pursue a life you will love. So many unexpected blessings await just around the corner when you’re willing to find the courage to listen to your heart.

Often, the shift we want to create requires only a simple action — a small step in the right direction so the Universe understands that we are ready to bring greatness and happiness to our life and career.

So take one action, any action that will bring you closer to what your heart truly desires.  And remember, people will always have opinions but those opinions are often based on their fears, not their dreams.

Are you ready to take a simple but powerful step towards the life you desire?
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