What Does 40 Really Look Like?

Oh my goodness, you’ve turned 40 and you take a look at your life and realize it doesn’t look like anything society said it should look like at this age. And not in a good way.

Especially YOUR career.

When I turned 40, it was the worst month ever. It’s like the realization of this huge milestone was creeping up on me, or had crept on me and I wasn’t prepared.

I wasn’t prepared for the second-guessing, comparison, and expectations that I surprisingly had on myself.
This is what society does to us.
The subtle messages that surround us and say that you should be …
A mother
A homeowner
Fulfilled in your career 
Preparing for early retirement

Whatever it is they said about you being 40, I’m here to tell you they lied.

Every week I speak to 40ish professionals who are completely confused about what’s next in their career. And they all believe they’re alone in this reality. And I always let them know that they aren’t. It’s just that this side of the story is never told.

The side of the story where you, the 40-year-old have done everything right. You got educated, found a good, stable, paying job, and 15+ years later – you’re miserable in your career.
You’re feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, confused, and stressed out.
You think it’s OK even though it doesn’t feel OK.
It’s not OK.
It’s not OK to dim your unique light to fit into the mold of this society as though there’s only ONE way to have a successful career.
It’s not OK to ignore what your heart truly desires because you’re afraid you’ll fail or that your dream is beyond this earth’s reality.

I’m here to tell you it’s OK to be different.

It’s OK to feel like you don’t fit in, cause you probably don’t.

The status quo restricts creativity, opinions, and unapologetic self-expression. 

It’s OK to be vulnerable and to let your heart guide you.

It’s OK to want something different for yourself and your career.
I want you to know it’s OK to DREAM BIG.
And if you really want to DREAM BIG but fear has been getting in your way – then let’s chat.
You can book a “DREAM BIG” call to find out if my services are the right fit for you.

Click on the link to book a time to chat and start to rediscover the life you want to live.

Inspiring YOU to Live a Life you LOVE!


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