The Universe will Always Test You

Life happens.

At times, unexpected situations occur that pull us into a whirlwind of emotions and make us feel as though the sky is falling.

This is definitely what happened to me in September. It felt as though everything that could go wrong happened. It felt as though the sturdy ground I was standing on had a secret trap door that opened up suddenly and I was left free falling – no warning, no preparation, and two weeks of emotions that spanned from anger, frustration, to sadness.

I allowed space for all of these emotions to arise, however, in the midst of my «crisis » I also knew I had to choose what actions I would take next. 

See what I’ve learnt through the years is that, in every moment, even in those moments of genuine sadness, we always have a choice. Choosing to wake up to a life we love doesn’t mean blissful 24/7 happiness – in my opinion, that doesn’t exist if you’re aware and make space for the span of your emotions. So, we can make space for our pain, wallow, complain, feel like maybe the world is against us, and then,  we can choose to look for the lesson and get ready for action

What does The Universe want me to learn or understand by putting me through this situation?
What do I still need to do or learn before everything falls into place the way I envisioned?

“We are never victims unless we choose to be.” 

I know that last statement can be a hard one to embrace. But it’s so true.

In my case, I couldn’t cry forever and passively hope that life would get better.
I had to choose to look for the lesson and move on from what happened.

So – what will you choose? 

A life where you’re the victim, or one where you’re empowered?

Empowering YOU to Live a Life you LOVE!

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