The Universe has a Plan for YOU … and ME!

I don’t know about you, but I’m grieving. 

This month, you might be surprised to see my platform shift from the usual.

I strongly believe that how we choose to show up in the world needs to be connected to our core values and our Soul’s true essence. That’s why when we have the desire to experience more fulfillment and meaning in our career, to truly experience this, we can’t just apply it to our career, we need to apply it to our entire LIFE. 

The news events of the past month —  from the video that emerged May 5 of Ahmaud Arberry being gunned down by his neighbours while jogging, to Amy Cooper’s hysterics in Central Park, followed by the murder of George Floyd on May 25 and, the unrest around what happened to Regis Korchinski-Paquet on May 27th — have all left me jolted. 

As a Black woman, I have always valued racial equality and racial justice, in the world, in every day life, and in the workplace. But I also realize that I haven’t been vocal about it. I’ve often been reluctant to talk about the racial microagressions and the discrimination I experienced in my life, especially in the workplace (i.e., career hell).

So here’s my statement about this issue in today’s world.

Racism is not a Black vs. White problem.
Racism is a societal problem. 

After the events of the past month, I feel called to start speaking up more. To share more freely my lived experiences as a Black woman in the workplace. To be a witness and acknowledge my clients’ stories of racism and discrimination in the workplace.

Because, looking for a career YOU LOVE means acknowledging that you have NOT been OK in the workplace. It means acknowledging that you were NOT happy in the workplace. And these acknowledgments allow you to start to set boundaries for yourself; to learn to advocate for yourself, what you want in YOUR LIFE, AND, to put into motion the CHANGE you want to bring into this world. 

When a black man (or woman) is attacked, it is not just a Black man being attacked. It’s a fellow human being being attacked. It’s someone who is part of our world, our society, our community.  

I will no longer turn a blind eye and pretend that I live in a “nice” country, or that I am a “nice” Canadian if I don’t speak up for those who do not have voices. If I don’t encourage my clients who face racism to make official complaints, and to take a stand for what they deserve in the workplace. To be respected.

I believe that we can make this world a better place, because I believe that every single one of us came to this world with a purpose — one that we need to remember in this lifetime if we want to help make a difference in this planet we call home. 

With that in mind, I have been reflecting on what I really want to offer YOU. I’ve also been working to revamp the workshop Define YOU, Define YOUR Purpose that I’ve been offering my clients for the last five years in the context of the Clarity Coaching Program.

What does this mean for you? I will continue to show up every month, but expect to read blogs and newsletters that reflect more deeply my true essence. Content where I reconnect with my inner voice and purpose so I can truly inspire YOU to live a life you LOVE!

A life that’s worth living and that allows you to create a real change in this world, a space for transformation.

Inspiring YOU to Take a Stand in YOUR Life  … so YOU Can Genuinely Live a Life you LOVE!

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