The power of saying “NO” – and how it will help you find YOUR DREAM CAREER

Have you ever found it REALLY difficult to say no to someone? Saying no feels mean, or even worse like you’re rejecting the person you might actually genuinely care about. 

We often also feel that way when we hear “no” as a response … which might be part of the problem and what at times keeps us from honouring the fact that we want to say no.
So, instead of saying this 2 letter word, you find yourself doing any one of the following:
YOU … 

  1. Say yes when really you want to say no
  2. Find ways to beat around the bush and hope they forget their request … 
  3. Avoid the person for as long as necessary 
  4. Basically … never honour your NO

I can totally relate. 
In a society that has taught women to say YES to everything, it becomes really difficult to justify your no when there’s nothing other than that pit feeling in your stomach encouraging you to say no. 
And, that’s another mistake you’re making. You feel as though you have to justify your “no” … but no one ever asks us to justify our yes. It’s just accepted as a positive response. 
So, why do we need to justify our negative response?
Why can’t our NO simply be no, without a reason, without a winding story to back it up?
This short word is so difficult to say out loud but full of YOUR power. Your ability to stand up for yourself and what you believe in shows up in your NO. 
Creating a life YOU love exists in your ability to say NO
Saying yes to YOU and what your heart truly desires also exists in your courage to say NO.
So, the next time someone says no to you – empower them by acknowledging and respecting their decision to choose themself. To know what’s right for them without needing to justify their decision to choose the answer – no. Because the more you can embrace other people’s NO – the easier it will be for you to use it too.
When you learn to say NO, even if you feel guilty (somewhat of a process that takes patience and dedication to your heart’s desires). You’re also learning to say YES. Yes to YOU. Yes, to what feels right at the moment regardless of the reason (often there won’t be one, it will just be a  feeling). YES to your heart’s deepest desires. YES to having a career you LOVE. YES TO YOUR DREAM CAREER.

When you learn to say YES to you and you learn to honor who you really are. When you choose to show up in this world exactly as you are – unapologetically (I love that word!) – a world of opportunities will open up to you.

And when this world of opportunities opens up to you – you will wonder why it took you so long to say YES to YOU. Because you truly deserve it – to live a life you genuinely love and to wake up every day to a career you LOVE.

So, don’t wait another day,
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