Why life is like a labyrinth …

In life, we allow situations and instances to get in the way of our goals, dreams or hopes. We get stuck so quickly and easily.

During a silent retreat, I walked through a meditation labyrinth, head down, allowing my feet and flow to guide me. I realized how, when I reached an edge – a dead end – I did not stay immobile – and felt stuck. I instantly backtracked and found a new path around. I realized that I can apply this same practice to my life. When I’m working towards my personal goals and I reach an obstacle; I just need to find a new option, backtrack, or continue moving forward down a different path. Let go of fear and move forward.

“Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made.
If you want a different result, make a different choice.”  – Unknown

When we identify obstacles in our path towards our personal goals and dreams, how we respond is key! Here are 5 simple steps to support us in moving forward:

  1. BREATHE. When emotions arise, it’s easy to get in a frenzy and lose the ability to think logically. Taking a step back and breathing to evaluate the actual situation will bring about more clarity.
  2. GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT. We often jump to conclusions about the enormity of the problem based on hearsay or assumptions. Identifying what information we actually need to know to determine the next course of action is key. Getting the facts from the right sources  – not our friends or family etc. who think they know, but often don’t – will guide us in the right direction.
  3. WHAT IS THE IDEAL SITUATION? We create our reality. One of the first steps is to write out our ideal day. What would our life look like without these obstacles? What does our life look like when we have manifested our personal goals and dreams. What are we doing differently?
  4. BRAINSTORM. Once we have the facts and know our ideal situation, we need to identify our options. Brainstorming will awaken our creativity and expand our mind to see all the possibilities. We can now identify and choose options that bring us one step closer to our ideal.
  5. TAKE ACTION. Now that we have the facts, know where we are headed and have a list of potential actions we can take – it is time to make a decision that fits who we are and what we want and go for it! Taking that first step forward in a new direction.

Your life is your labyrinth!
<3 My Map to Happiness

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