Growing up, you probably had a lot of people create boundaries for you. It might have been parents, teachers, aunts, uncles … regardless, there were probably a lot of no’s and be careful, don’t do that etc. Basically, a lot of restrictions around your full experience as a human discovering this new world you had been thrown into when you were born.

And, someone along the way, when you expressed your true desire for a life and career that would fit your soul’s purpose, “attacked” the dream. Something along the lines of, you can’t make money/ survive/ become somebody/ raise a family/ be respected if you follow your dream career. So, you retreated and selected something safe that would keep you within the construct of our society and overall work/ life expectations.

But now, you’re a grown adult and push come to shove, you have these deep desires that aren’t being fulfilled and that just don’t seem to go away. So now it’s your responsibility to give yourself permission to pursue them or not.   

I know you. You’ve daydreamed about living somewhere, doing something other than what you’re currently experiencing. I also know that you’re struggling to wake up in the morning to fulfill your responsibilities. You’re tired at the end of the day even though you’d love to take that class you’ve had your heart on so you can express your creativity. And, you can’t even start to imagine, how you could possibly make enough money to sustain your current lifestyle if you were to make, what feels like, such a huge career shift. So, the old messages return: It’s impossible … I don’t have enough money … I don’t even know what I want to do …  I have so many interests … what if I don’t really want to do this … what if I change my mind … what if I fail … I’ve already dedicated so many years to this career, I can’t justify throwing it all away to start from scratch … 

So, what do you do?
How do you break the cycle of silencing the dream?

When you’re trying to shut off the negative thoughts getting in the way of your dream – you have to start from within. You have to take little steps – such as saying yes to the smaller desires (i.e., signing up for the art class) before you can say yes to the bigger desires (i.e., the dream).

This journey is about listening to yourself and learning how to say yes to YOU. Yes, to your heart. Yes to your soul. It’s about knowing the difference between the fluff and your soul’s purpose. It’s about knowing the difference between settling for a job that you think you might like because it fits your list of criteria to feel successful and maybe even worthy vs. finding the courage to step outside your comfort zone to pursue your heart’s calling. To expand your experiences in this life. To come alive because you are being challenged emotionally, physically and mentally to grow into the person you are meant to become in this lifetime. To be YOU, fully, authentically, to shine bright.

If you resonated with this message, I call you a DREAMER and I want to help you tap into your greatness by helping you discover what your heart truly desires; and, to help you find solutions so you can make your dream, become a reality. 

You can take that first step by booking a complimentary session where you will receive guidance to start discovering what your heart truly desires.


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