The Fly on my Window Pane …

I believe we have all experienced the fly who is buzzing at the window, some of us view this as a fly trying to find her way out and others will find it frustrating and quickly find the fly swatter to get rid of this insect quickly.

This summer, as I watched a fly that had come into my apartment struggle to comprehend why what seemed to be a clear path to the outside world was a serious obstacle (the window); I decided to help her out.

As I cupped my hand around her, I opened the window and gently brought her closer to her freedom – the outdoors.

As I watched the fly during this process, I noticed there was fear. She would initially trust my guiding hand and at the last minute when we were less than an inch away from the opening, she would start buzzing around frantically and fly out of my cupped hand and back to the window pane. This happened a couple of times until the last time when she flew so far away from the opened window that I gave up and left her to her predicament.

I thought about this though, and realized that this fly’s fear was very representative of our human fears when faced with changes in our lives.

There is always a guiding force to help us move forward; however, often the unknown is too scary or overwhelming for us to give it a chance, to see what is truly on the other side.

So we stay in our comfort zone.

I wondered, what if, like the fly, we are less than an inch away from complete freedom – an amazing life experience?!

What if, all we need to do is trust in the guiding force and take that extra step forward, as scary as it may be?

Or, much like the fly, if we choose to stay in our comfort zone, our hopes and dreams, the possibility of endless freedom remains out of reach and unattainable.

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