It happens often.

I’ll be having a conversation with someone about life, purpose and passion and they end up saying something along the lines of – “It’s hard to make ends meet doing what you love”, and I subsequently have the same internal reaction … I cringe.

I silently sigh to myself and think, What you believe in becomes your reality. If you believe you can’t make a living doing what you love … then you won’t make a living doing what you love.
It’s that simple.
We’ve been brainwashed to believe only jobs A, B and C can help us make a living. We’ve heard it again and again, only government jobs will give you a great pension plan and awesome benefits. Only permanent contracts will ensure you never find yourself starved for cash when things get rough. So, who would be crazy enough to drop all of that “stability” and “guarantee” to explore options of uncertainty?
Me … and maybe you …
If your physical and mental health are priorities in your life, then, you also know that money can’t buy or bring happiness. Yes, at times it might make you worry less, but, in my opinion, money has no value in comparison to our well-being.
Now, you might not agree with me at all.
You might believe what I’m saying is crazy because everyone knows you need money to survive in society. But, I’m not saying you can survive without money. I’m saying, in my opinion, your health and overall well-being have more value than the amount of money you make.

If you’re healthy, you can always find new ways to make money. If you’re not, then of course health insurance coverage and the money to pay for future illnesses becomes handy.
But, I would suggest asking yourself, how would I get sick in the first place?
Hint: by not listening to your body and the subtle messages you receive from your inner guide.
So, why don’t you choose to focus on being healthy instead of making money?
Accidents happen you say? Of course they do. And accidents, much like life are unpredictable. If you spend your life trying to control things that are out of your control – you’ve missed the point of life.

When you spend your energy focusing on making money for a future that doesn’t exist, you’re basically telling your present life (the only one that exists) that it’s not important. Which also means you don’t think you’re important enough to participate in activities, including a job you enjoy.

You’re living in the future. A future you hope and at times think will turn out the way you’ve imagined.
What if you decided to do what you’re planning on doing in the future now? Not enough money? Everyone needs to start somewhere, trust me, it’s not the money that’s keeping you from your dream.
It’s fear.
Be honest with yourself.
If you can relate to what I’ve just been sharing, then read this.

It’s common knowledge that in the workplace, when you enjoy what you do, not only are you more productive, you’re also more successful.
I’m also pretty sure that’s also what leads to promotions …
You get what I’m saying?
Doing something you love will naturally bring in the financial benefits.
What ifs are getting in the way?
You feel you would still need the big income right away to push your worries away?

If that’s the case, take some time to reflect on where most of your current salary is going. Do you really need all of those material things? Is there something else you would rather be spending your money on?
What do you value?
Maybe, instead of shopping therapy, you could give yourself the gift of doing something you really love.
Engaging in activities we enjoy supports our well-being.
Do you agree with me?

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“… he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.

Dalai Lama

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