The Dream Career Podcast

Do you ever feel a nudge within you?

A thought that keeps coming back every other year?
A deep desire pushing you to pursue something a little less than ordinary …?
Something outside your day to day routine?

And every time you have that feeling, you ask yourself, is it worth it?
Is this something that I really want?
What if it doesn’t go as anticipated?
What if I make a fool out of myself?

The question is, what if you do?

What if the life you’ve been dreaming about living is just around the corner?
What if the life you’ve always dreamed of is just waiting for you to take the first step so it can start to unfold?
What if you could take a sneak peek at someone else’s life who chose to pursue what their heart truly desired? 
What if you could discover what really happens when women, just like you, decide to pursue a “career” path that speaks to them at a Soul level?

As of today, you can discover these possibilities!

Every month, I will be introducing you to fearless, passionate, and inspiring women who have stepped outside of their comfort zone to pursue what their heart truly desired.

Hear their stories, get some tips, and be inspired by their journeys!

Don’t miss the official launch of THE DREAM CAREER PODCAST!


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