The Art of Decision Making

career decision making


Hey Dreamer,

Last year I invited you to show up as a FEARLESS, POWERFUL, and AMAZING woman.

But, for many of us, being fearless, powerful, and amazing is easier said than done.

And I get it.

I used to be SO afraid.

I was afraid of making wrong decisions.

I was afraid to speak up.

And, I definitely didn’t think I was amazing.

Like many women out there, I played small, and I didn’t believe I deserved the best things life had to offer.

I thought life was hard, I expected the worst, and I didn’t think I had any control over my circumstances.

Who was I, to believe I could wake up to a life I love?

But, one thing I knew for sure is that I had a deep yearning to be happy.

Fast forward to 2022.

I take risks and recognize fear as a guide towards what I really want in my life.

I feel empowered by making choices that are aligned with who I am, and that allow me to create a life I love.

I’ve learnt to embrace my imperfections and quirks because I’m unique and have my own path to create.

If you’re a DREAMER, this is also available to YOU.

Being POWERFUL means taking ownership for the choices you make in your life whether the outcome is “good” or “bad”.

Being FEARLESS means you’re taking fear by the hand and saying, ‘let’s do this ‘cuz I know that’s what I really want.’

And, being AMAZING is all about you embracing YOU, unapologetically, because no matter what you think, and whether you can see it or not, you’re already an AMAZING woman.

And all you have to do is choose to act, and then ACT.

Do whatever it is you’ve been yearning to do by  taking ACTION, any action, so you can EXPERIENCE fulfillment, meaning, joy, love, freedom, … whatever deep yearning is waiting inside of you.

And, if your deep yearning is to feel more fulfilled and happy at work … I want you to know that this year can be the year you wake up to a career and life you love.

As a Dreamer, you can DECIDE that THIS  year is going to be the year you wake up to a career YOU LOVE.

All you have to do is set the intention and commit to it.

Commit to wake up to a career you love in 2023.

Then take action by giving me a shout so I can guide you to successfully reach this goal.

Book a DREAM CAREER Q&A CALL, as a first step towards the life and career you want.

I believe in YOU and YOUR DREAM,

Inspiring YOU to Live a Life you LOVE!


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