That’s a Great Idea … and other ways you avoid the truth

Do you ever find yourself avoiding what it is you really want to do? Maybe you’ve always dreamt of writing a book, but you can’t imagine how that could become a reality, so you’ve settled for a corporate position where there’s no writing involved.

You’re pursuing plan B (the status quo) when all your heart really wants is plan A (the dream). You walked away from your passions, so you’re not even sure what they are anymore. You didn’t study in your field of interest. You apply for jobs you don’t really want that definitely won’t get you excited in the morning. You wake up to go to work cause you have to.

Why do you do this?
Do you really believe it’s such a great idea?

Myths you believe
Why would you want to do anything other than what you really want to do? Other than what you truly desire?

I get it, pursuing an ideal career feels impossible and at times completely ludicrous.
We’re taught at a very early age that work, should not be fun, exciting, or fulfilling.

It can never be what we want, it can never be what we dream. So, study hard, get your degrees and when you get a job, be happy because you found one. Don’t complain, you’re making a good salary, you have great benefits and don’t forget the pension plan that will pay your retirement, if you can survive that long – psychologically and emotionally.

You believed these myths about careers, professions, the job search, salaries and financial independence … and it killed the possibility of living out your dream.  

Maybe when you retire …
So, today you’re miserable.

This advice didn’t really bring you where you wanted to be or get you what you wanted. A successful career but most important, a career you enjoy, that energizes you and brings you satisfaction.

In my professional experience as a coach, career counsellor and career advisor, I’ve met students, young professionals and seasoned professionals alike. All of them had a similar goal, find the “right” job or career path. But, there was often a contradiction. As much as they wanted to find the right path, the majority denied themselves the right to pursue their ideal path. And adamantly might I add. Once we identified their true passion, they would ask me: “yeah but, what else can I do other than that?”

There are various reasons why you sweep your ideal occupation under a rug, actually a heavy boulder. Your dreams might have been squashed when you were a kid, you might have been told as a teenager that your passion was silly, or even better, you’d starve and never survive on your dream job salary. If you were very unlucky, you might have been told that you had a flaw that would keep you from succeeding on that path. Whatever the reason, it was powerful enough to keep you from ever considering your ideal career path as more than a dream or at the least, your weekend hobby.

I mean, at that time, adults knew best right? Assuming all of the above were discouragements from adults in your life. But now that you’re an adult, I’m sure you’ve realized that all of this advice was someone else’s fear talking.

The exciting truth

The status quo is the myth you still believe.

You studied what you were encouraged to study because that’s where the jobs were. You applied to some random jobs out of fear you would never get hired if you didn’t find something right after graduation; and, you chose the first job that wanted to hire you. Why would you pass up on a “great” opportunity waiting for something better when you don’t know if that something better will ever come along …and a couple of weeks later, you got the phone call, but it was too late.

How much longer will you let fear guide your career decision making? How long will your soul sustain this lifestyle? How much longer will you ignore your little voice?
How do you get out of this cycle?

10 years ago, I was constantly creating new career ideas and paths to pursue because I felt what I really wanted to do wasn’t an option. Being honest about my true calling was scary. Facing a potential “no” if I chose to pursue my dream was even scarier. So my career path became  overwhelming and confusing.

Getting physically sick pushed me to the edge so I could take the leap. Taking that initial leap led to my following my gut and eventually creating my dream job and a coaching method to support you in taking the necessary steps to clearly answer the question “What’s Next” and get out of your confusion so you can successfully reach your personal career goals.

Yes, I know, you tried leaving the cycle and things got difficult. You found yourself in another dud job, so you’re feeling disenchanted.

There are so many reasons why you feel pursuing your dream job is not possible. It’s not the right time, there aren’t any jobs in your field of interest. You don’t have enough experience, you’re still saving enough cash to start your business idea, you still have a mortgage to pay, when you retire yadi-yadi-yadi … yeah, I know, I’ve heard it all and know how miserable you feel inside.

But, the exciting truth is…
If you’ve had enough
If you’re ready for change
If you want to wake up anticipating your Monday mornings and confidently step out of your comfort zone to pursue a career path that puts a smile on your face…

It’s possible and you don’t have to do this alone!

Join the free webinar, Live a Life YOU Love to discover the 5 steps to take to set the foundation to leave a dud job.

“Our heart knows it’s possible but our mind can’t see how we can make it happen”
– Charles Eisenstein –

Inspiring YOU to live a Life you LOVE!
Priscilla a.k.a. Satya

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