What You Don’t Even Know You’re Missing Out On

In 2015, my employer asked me to drive out of town to work with a new client. Unlike my peers, I didn’t take my driver’s course and test at the age of 16. I never had a strong desire to get behind a car wheel, let alone drive on a highway. So, for many years

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Thought Power

Why Saying “I Can’t” Limits YOUR Options

In the last two months, my life took a turn for the better, but I still felt uneasy. Why? Cause old habits die hard. After a month of flexible plans and being open to anything new, my mind (the old me) started knocking. I allowed worry to take up some space on decisions I had previously

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Turn Fear into Action

How Fear Can Get in the Way of YOUR Happiness

Fear follows us everywhere. In my opinion, how you deal with fear determines how you will navigate through life. If you let fear get in the way, nothing will ever change. If you learn to face your fear, you’ll create amazing new experiences. I’d like to share with you one of my experiences dealing with

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I’m Priscilla Jabouin


I help creative, unconventional, professional women who feel unhappy at work, wake up to a life and career, they want, love, and deserve.

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