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Are you Afraid to Die, or Afraid to Live?

Sometimes when we dig deep into the different “what if” situations that pop into our minds around a given situation that elicits fear, we come to realize that our deepest fear is the fear of death. Somewhere we actually started believing that making a ”bad” decision could lead to death! Something REALLY bad might happen…

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Turn Fear into Action

What Price are YOU Willing to Pay for YOUR DREAM?

Have you ever found yourself sharing your dream with someone and instead of receiving encouragement, their response was like a punch in the stomach? Perhaps the well-meaning counsel of friends and family ignited your deepest fears and left you paralyzed,  wondering if it was really worth it to pursue the dream. Perhaps your own inner

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Turn Fear into Action

What you Don’t Even Know you’re Missing Out on!

Did you ever notice how the things you’re most afraid of doing are actually things you wish you could do? It’s rare that we’re afraid of something we don’t want to do. In life it’s usually clear, we know what we want to do, and what we don’t want to do. And we either do

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Why is it so difficult to make yourself a priority? To set boundaries and decide that what you need, what’s inherently for your well-being is more important than what others expect of you (or what you think others expect of you)? It’s normal to feel guilty when you say no to the ones you care

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I’m Priscilla Jabouin


I help creative, unconventional, professional women who feel unhappy at work, wake up to a life and career, they want, love, and deserve.

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