3 tips for more pleasure at work

DO YOUR RESEARCHApproach your daily tasks with the mind of a researcher. Notice which tasks make you feel alive and excited, and which ones drain you. LEARN TO SAY NOStart saying NO to the things you really don’t want to do; delegate; or do an exchange with a colleague who might love a task you

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How to bring more pleasure into your workday

Change is scary. When I speak with people who say they enjoy change, I know there’s always an area of their life where change is SUPER scary. We are wired to be afraid of the unknown, so when you are ready to make meaningful changes in your life, you will feel nervous.  In my opinion,

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3 Questions to help you uncover your blind spots

WHAT DO YOU DESIRE?When you think about your career, what’s your deepest desire? Make a list of the changes you would like to experience in your career. WHAT DO YOU RESIST?Real change is always faced with resistance. Where do you find yourself stopped, faced with challenges, or ready to give up instead of taking action?

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Trust & Surrender

Is This Really How Life’s Supposed to Be?

Life is often a series of cyclical events, day to day routines, patterns you just can’t seem to be able to pull yourself out of … much like seasons. And within this cycle, unfulfilled dreams and wishes keep coming back every couple of years or so. And even though the daily events in our lives

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Have you ever tried on a pair of shoes that were awesome but didn’t really fit? But, you decided to buy them anyway? You probably ended up wearing them only once or twice, really hoping maybe they would stretch, or you would break them in enough for them to fit.  You wish they would fit

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Do you ever find yourself thinking up a list of reasons why finding a new job will be impossible? Note, you’ve identified all of the obstacles that will arise, like you can predict the future and you can read other peoples’ minds… Bringing change to your life, especially in the workplace when you have a

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I help creative, unconventional, professional women who feel unhappy at work, wake up to a life and career, they want, love, and deserve.

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