New Year – New YOU – New Goals…

2013 …
We all have or at least think of having resolutions for a new year; but, more often than not, we rarely stick to these personal goals we set to achieve for ourselves. Why is it so hard to attain these goals?
1. They require change – and CHANGE is difficult to achieve
2. We will have to break behavioural habits – and it takes at least 21 days for a new habit to set-in to our routine …
3. What is the real motivation behind the decision to change? (i.e., is it ours, or someone else’s)
If the new goal is not really a conscious choice we have decided to make for ourselves; then, there are less chances that we will actually attain it. Also, we often identify a goal that is somewhat OVERWHELMING. Sometimes, it is best to identify an ULTIMATE GOAL that we will attain in a pre-determined amount of time and to set other smaller more manageable goals that will help us get to the bigger one. This approach allows us to have immediate achievements that will support us and motivate us to realize our ultimate goal.
Be realistic, believe in your goals and the rest will follow

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