Naked … Truth

As I wondered how the topic for this month’s blog would come up, I found myself troubled by the consequences of not listening to my gut. I became semi-obsessed with a storyline I was quickly creating in my mind about all the shame and “ravage” a stupid decision would (make that might) create in my life. See – complete humiliation one day when I’m rich and famous. I reverted to my technique for overcoming the dreaded fears (i.e., what ifs). I  brainstormed ways in which I could switch things around to empower myself instead of giving someone else the power to dictate my “future.” In the process, I realized how, in one split second, we can become so raw and vulnerable in this world … often synonymous with feeling powerless. Then I thought about Brené Brown and how she’s kind of made being vulnerable, cool … Being vulnerable had become a way for us to connect with others. Man, I even think the other day some guy played vulnerable as a technique to hit on me. Anyway, being vulnerable is becoming a way for each and every one of us to show the other just how much alike we are. How real our fears, dreams, passions and experiences can be when we recognize, through sharing, that we are not alone in this journey. That we have all had very similar life experiences or at the very least emotions and reactions. By being vulnerable, we tell the world, I know I am not perfect, I know I have made some really stupid choices in my life; but, they are all part of the process… part of the personal growth in stepping into our authentic self and allowing the divine to play through us. To play with us. The naked truth, allows us to become free of being limited by others’ limited beliefs or assumptions of who we are, and how we “should” act, dress, talk, be; how we should choose our lifestyles and meaningful pastime (i.e., our career/ job). Our naked truth, allows us to regain our power, our lives – how we choose to live. Our naked truth shows the world, in bright lights, who we truly are. Naked, because it is only when we are naked that we are truly raw and vulnerable. Our skin, this temple we call the body is no longer hidden under clothes that stereotypically define who we are too easily. When we remove our clothes, or the mask we put on for society, work, peers, family members – we are open and raw. Ready to be hit. But, when it is a conscious choice we make … we also become open to the possibilities that align with our True Self. Ready to be hit by our TRUTH, our AUTHENTIC SELF. We become empowered because we know that the only truth worth telling, is our naked truth.

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