My Biggest Childhood Mistake

Have you ever had an itch? And ignoring it didn’t help but scratching somewhere else made it magically disappear? It’s a temporary solution because we all know itches always come back … but at that moment, the plan b solution works, it relieves the itch.

I’d like to share the story of my “biggest” itch with you.

When I was 7 years old, I started playing the piano. It was never an instrument I enjoyed playing and when I mentioned to my parents that I would rather play the violin, I was told to focus on the piano and maybe once I had mastered it, we could consider another instrument.

Needless to say, I never mastered the piano, I quit at 17 and I never learned to love it either.

As a young adult, I kept on thinking about the violin. There was a belief that it would be very expensive to learn this instrument so I kept telling myself – “one day, one day when I’m rich enough, I will splurge and buy myself a violin and pay for lessons.”

That wish seemed so far and unattainable in my current reality.

Fast forward 30 years later and the itch keeps coming back.
I reassure myself that one day I’ll make it happen.
One day I’ll play the violin.

And then, it happened. The Universe decided I needed a little kick in the butt. I don’t believe it was a coincidence that day when I looked up at the bulletin board at a local coffee shop and my eyes fell on the only ad that mattered.

Violin lessons for a very affordable price.
So affordable I knew I couldn’t ignore it.

And, I knew I had to do something to stay on track. I had to be accountable to take action so I wouldn’t bail out on my dream … again. So, I said it out loud. I shared my intention to follow violin lessons with others so I would not back out.

The responses varied, excitement, awe; and a small group kept on repeating to me that the violin was the hardest instrument to play…it felt as though they wanted me to give up on this dream because it wouldn’t be easy. As though it wouldn’t be worth it because, in their minds, I would never reach the level of a great Violinist.
But, why did I want to play the violin?

Definitely not to impress others.

It was simply a deep desire that I knew needed to be fulfilled.

Being able to recognize when others’ opinions might get in the way of your dreams is SO important. Because in life, you will always meet people whose fear is greater than yours. They will tell you: you’re too ambitious (i.e., to settle for less); that your vision is too hard to achieve; or they will unearth all of the fears and concerns you already had about your desires.

And, what happens?
Most often then not you give up … unless, you know deep in your heart that this itch needs to be scratched – right away – because it’s going to come back if you don’t.

So, I took the first step, I booked an initial lesson and then rented my first violin. And, when I finally held my bow and played the E string for the first time, something within me felt relieved – FINALLY

Is playing the violin challenging? Yes
Does that mean it’s impossible? No
Do I love playing the violin even though I’m just a beginner? Every single time!

And these simple truths apply to YOUR DREAM CAREER.
When you tap into what your heart truly desires, you’ll figure out how to make it a reality. And if you don’t, let me be the one to support you in your journey to start living a life you love.

Inspiring YOU to Live a Life you LOVE

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