Why is it so difficult to make yourself a priority? To set boundaries and decide that what you need, what’s inherently for your well-being is more important than what others expect of you (or what you think others expect of you)?

It’s normal to feel guilty when you say no to the ones you care about. It’s normal to feel you have to step up to the plate and give your 200% in any given situation. That’s how we’ve been socialized. How often have we heard the saying “no pain, no gain”? How often do we hear or read this subliminal message in the news, music, TV or Internet?

It’s all around us!

So, it comes as no surprise that you often feel you’re not good enough, you haven’t tried hard enough, or you’re just not doing enough to be the very best version of yourself. 

But, what if the very best version of yourself, was the one that’s always been there but also the one you’ve failed to accept?

The face staring back at you in the mirror with all of its beauty and uniqueness?

The one that’s good enough. The one who has offered her best; has done more than enough; has gone above and beyond the expectations; but, still feels as though she’s fallen short of what society expects from her.

And that, becomes the real issue.

Holding on to a superficial and umbrella design of the perfect life, dictated by our society. 

What if you stepped away from that perfect design?

From the status quo?

The suburban house with the picket fence, the BMW, the green grass (with no dandelions), the 2.5 kids, the 6 figure income and amazing pension plan …

What if, being exactly where you are, as you are, was perfect?

Would you approach your life differently?
Would you live differently?

By embracing your unique journey in this life, you learn to embrace your unique talents. Your unique desires. The unconventional you, becomes perfection in every way possible. And, that includes your dream job.

If you are courageous enough to even dream that the ideal job is within your reach, even though you have no idea how to find it – you’re already halfway there.

You’ve given your soul the permission to believe, you’ve opened yourself up to the possibilities. You’re telling the Universe that you and your desires are important.

Now, it’s time to make them a priority.

Are you ready to say YES to take the first step so you can define and find your dream job?

Gain the clarity to define what you really want with the FREE e-workbook 
And start living the life you want to live, not the one you think you should be living

Inspiring YOU to Live a Life You LOVE!
Priscilla Jabouin, M.A.
YOUR Career & Personal Development Coach

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