Let’s Make 2024 Epic!


How have you been?
It’s been a month and ‘Oh my goodness’ – Happy New Year!

Can you believe how quickly 2023 went by!
I had the plan to write a book … it didn’t happen, not even close.

But that’s the beauty when you have a DREAM!
You never give up on it.
You just set things in place to make sure it happens, and you trust the journey, knowing that things will fall into place when you’ve set the right foundation.

So, 2024 will be the year I write a book, because Queen, I’ve decided that 2024 will be EPIC! And, I started setting the foundation in 2023 i.e., found a writing group, reached out to an editor, and writing coaches. 

How about you? Will 2024 finally be the year you set the foundation to make YOUR DREAM CAREER a reality? (Even if you feel stuck, confused, and afraid of the unknown).

I know exactly how it feels to be stuck, confused, and worried about the future, when your heart is trying to pull you out of your comfort zone.

It’s just SCARY.
I know, I’ve been there!

Every time I have a new dream I want to pursue, the fear kicks in, and it’s always challenging to listen to my heart and to trust that everything will be OK. And in the end, everything turns out beyond OK and I am SO grateful I trusted what I knew would be best for me. (Even if there’s always a part of me who’s trying to discourage me from doing anything too risky).

I know this is true for you too.

Queen, I want you to know that I can help you wake up to a career you love this year, even if you’re not 100% sure it can work for you.

Trust me, it can!

That’s why I’m currently offering the 30 Tips in 30 Days for DREAM CAREER Clarity Online Course to help you set the foundation to discover what your heart truly desires to do, so you can quit your job (and you can do it comfortably because you know exactly what you’ll be doing next) – Click on the link to access them now!

YOU deserve to wake up to a career you WANT & DESERVE!

I can’t wait to guide you through your self-discovery journey, so you can TRUST this process called life and finally wake up to a life and career you love!

Inspiring YOU to Live a Life you LOVE!
Priscilla, Queen P.

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