It’s Time to Choose YOU.

Do you ever say yes and immediately wish you had said no? Or sway between yes, maybe, and no, wishing you had more time to think about the choice you need to make?

Then you say YES to please and again, later you wish you had said no?

I’ve struggled with a quick YES my whole life. It’s often felt as though my default yes was out of my control, blurted out to avoid the anxiety of having to think about what I really wanted, only to later find myself in situations where I wish I had taken more time to reflect before giving an answer.

Because in all honesty, it’s a NO.

I often have this conversation with my clients. The conversation where we acknowledge that as women, we’ve been socialized to say YES. To be good girls and put others’ desires before our own.

Our parents might have wanted us to pursue a specific career path or get married or have children … Whatever the request, we didn’t feel we had a choice and pushed down our dreams.

Then I show up and I tell you to live your dreams, to LOVE your life. So it becomes a battle between what you truly desire and what you believe you SHOULD do, for others to love you, respect you, acknowledge you – whatever the reason.

You feel that you HAVE to, and choosing your deepest desires feels selfish.

But if you’re a DREAMER, you know that in the end it’s really about choosing if you will live your life or someone else’s…

Who will you choose?
Who will you please?

Because, it’s impossible to live out someone else’s life and dreams. (pause, and reflect on that one)

This month, I’m going to encourage you to start saying YES to YOU daily!

I’m going to encourage you to jot down how you honoured your heart and Soul every day.

Let me know how you did, and if you find yourself struggling, book a DREAM BIG call. It’s a conversation where we will decide if working together would be a good fit so you can take the first step into a life and career you love by the end of the year!

Inspiring YOU to Live a Life you LOVE!

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