Is This Really How Life’s Supposed to Be?

Life is often a series of cyclical events, day to day routines, patterns you just can’t seem to be able to pull yourself out of … much like seasons. And within this cycle, unfulfilled dreams and wishes keep coming back every couple of years or so. And even though the daily events in our lives arise within these cycles of change … it often seems as though nothing changes.

Nothing BIG ever changes. Some mundane aspects of life might change and other people’s lives around us might change – but for you, nothing changes.

So it makes sense that when you start thinking about bringing change to your career you genuinely wonder if it’s really worth it. You wonder if things can really shift for you. If it’s really possible to find a career you LOVE.

Saying those words out loud can even make you want to cringe a little.

I mean you might jinx it and it might never happen!!

Or you might decide to change careers and find something worse…

But, what if you were able to find meaning and fulfillment in your career?

Do you worry you wouldn’t be able to handle it?
Handle the feeling that your life has meaning?

When our fears are greater than our vision – we can easily get in our own way. We are able to create an endless list of reasons the idea to explore the possibilities could go wrong, instead of right.

It’s like in the 80’s when you were warned against questioning religion and God’s existence. The old adage to let sleeping dogs lie. But do you really want to live a sleepy, dull life? Is it really best when it comes to YOUR life to leave things as they are and let life, your life take its course?

Nothing changes if nothing changes.
Nothing happens if you’re not taking action.

And the irony of it all is this:
It’s only when you take the time to question, reflect, and explore your life that you find answers and clarity.
Not something scary in a closet.

You get clarity.

When you choose to hide in your cloud of comfort – you stay within the parameters of that cloud without new experiences and endless possibilities. I know stepping out from under the cloud can be scary but everyone knows that when you’re holding someone’s hand, the confidence you need to take the next step into the unknown suddenly arises – and every step after the first becomes easier and easier.

Are you feeling ready to take that first step?
Yes? Then, let me be the hand you hold to support you.

Click on the Let’s Chat tab and let’s connect and see if we’re a good fit.

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