Is Money Keeping YOU from Pursuing YOUR Dream?

Peonies symbolize money

Hey Dreamer,

There is SO much that can be said and explored when it comes to fear. 

But, one of the fears that always comes up when I am working with clients is their financial fear.

They don’t call it “ financial fear.” Sometimes it’s the fear of not making enough; sometimes it’s the fear of investing in my program and services; sometimes, it’s just the fear that if they switch jobs, they will be making less money and receiving less benefits. 

And, I totally get these fears. 

I’ve had my own fears around money, and sometimes I’ve spent money on programs I regretted!

But, one thing I’ve realized is that fears can make or break it when it comes to YOUR DREAMS. Especially financial fears.

Our fear of not having enough money can keep us stuck in a career we hate, or a situation that leaves us feeling unfulfilled, and unhappy for a very long time.

Too long.

So, how do we overcome our financial fears? How do we overcome the fear of the unknown, the anxiety that arises with the uncertainty of what’s out there? How do we learn to trust the nudge we feel within, to trust that it’s the right option to pursue, when the change we’d like to create is permeated by fear?

You might not like my answer.

It’s not about playing it safe and hoping your desired life and career will show up if you just close your eyes and cross your fingers long enough …

You’re going to have to trust yourself.
You’re going to have to do something different.
Something outside of your usual routine, and trust that you’ll be OK.

You’re going to have to feel the fear, and do it anyway!

You’re going to have to learn to hear and listen to that little voice within that’s asking for your attention.

You’re going to have to learn to trust your intuition.

Dreamer, if you listen to Episode 1 of THE DREAM CAREER PODCAST, you’ll hear about the different times when I trusted my heart and the AMAZING adventures and experiences that opened up for me.

I believe that this life, is also available to you.
And it can start with a simple phone call.

You can book a DREAM BIG  CALL today, speak with me next week, and be on your way to waking up to a life and career you LOVE by the end of the year!

It’s that simple if you’re ready to see your fear as an invitation to take action instead of a barrier. 

So, next time you find yourself believing that if you choose what’s best for you – your money will suffer. Shift your energy from fear to faith.

Because what we are often the most afraid of, is also what our heart truly desires.

Inspiring YOU to Live a Life you LOVE … by embracing your fears!

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