I Know Life’s Gone Crazy, But are you Playing Yet?

How long will this crisis last?!
Honestly, confinement sucks!

Have you been thinking thoughts like that?
I have.

I’ve been trying to stay sane by focusing on the positive aspects of this shared experience of 2020, but I’d be lying if I said I’m enjoying every moment. 

How about you?
Are you searching for the good stuff, finding creative ways to feel alive, happy, and playful? 

Maybe old habits you thought you’d conquered have snuck back into your life?
Maybe negative thinking is starting to get you down. 

If so, here’s a My Map to Happiness tip to help you navigate this new territory. PLAY!

Find new ways to feel joy, experience being fully alive, totally free, and absolutely SILLY!

Spending time in play and doing things you genuinely enjoy can help you stay in the present moment, instead of worried about the future, or stuck in the past.

Play can also help you to tap into what your heart truly desires.

So, give yourself permission to play, reconnect with your inner child, and embrace your creativity so you can enjoy your time in confinement. 

Let’s dive into play for the month of MAY!

Inspiring YOU to Live a Life you LOVE … during Covid-19!

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