How to Get Unstuck, When You Feel Stuck

Hey Dreamer, 

When I work with creative Souls like you, who are ready for a major change in their life and career, feeling stuck is often part of the experience.

You might be familiar with that feeling of knowing something’s gotta change, but also feeling like nothing’s going to change unless you know exactly what the change will be, and how it will happen.

And I totally get it because last month, I found myself stuck.

I knew the specific change I wanted to bring into my life, but the inability to clearly define the details around that change were keeping me stuck exactly where I was.

It felt as though without a clear path, there was nowhere to go, even though I knew deep down inside, I really wanted this change.

This is often the feeling that arises when we want to make a career change.

We’re ready for the change, but since we don’t know the final destination, we feel stuck.

Stagnant, paralyzed.

I reflected on my stuckness.

Without clarity, I found myself believing I’d be stuck in the unwanted situation forever. 

Sometimes we might even feel as though we’ll never figure it out, or the clarity isn’t coming fast enough. 

We get stuck in our head, so busy trying to figure IT out that nothing happens.
Nothing happens which means nothing changes. 

We’re stuck.

And, if nothing changes, then nothing changes.

I realized even though I did not have the clarity I wanted yet, I could still start to create change. All I needed to do, was take a simple step. So, I did.

If you’re a Dreamer who feels stuck in your life and career, the clarity and change you’re looking for starts with a simple action.

A simple action to make things shift. 

So, this month, what will you choose to do?

Take a simple step, or remain stuck in your head trying to figure it out?

If you chose to take action, then start with a simple one, book a DREAM BIG call.
An in-depth session where we will start to identify what’s getting in the way of you creating a meaningful shift in your life and career!

Inspiring YOU to Live a Life you LOVE!

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