How to Get out of a Negative Funk

Hey Dreamer!

I’ll be honest. 

In March 2020, my life was literally thrown upside down, and after having to make a difficult decision; I spent the next 2 years struggling to wake up to a life I loved. 

There, I said it.

As we entered the 3rd year of what felt like an ongoing chaos surrounding me, I knew I had a choice to make. I could continue to feel sorry for myself every time I thought about the pre-Covid life I left behind, or, I could truly get back on my feet to create the life I wanted to live.

A life I love waking up to.
A life I would feel that I chose, instead of one that felt like it was just ‘happening to me.’

So, in December 2021, I finally stopped ignoring my desire to travel and I booked myself a trip to Cuba. That simple action was all I needed to reawaken my Soul and bring my nomadic lifestyle back into my day to day life.

I needed to reconnect with my nomadic self.
I had truly missed her.

After that end of year trip, I decided to plan all of the trips I would take in 2022.
It was time to recreate my pre-COVID life. To bring back traveling, new experiences, and a sense of freedom. 

Yes, it required me to move things around and to make some sacrifices; but my Soul knew exactly what I needed and I could no longer ignore her. 

(I also have to admit that supporting my clients to make choices that would allow them to wake up to a  life they loved while I was feeling stuck due to Covid was starting to feel awkward).

So, how did I get out of my funk to start living a life I loved again?

All it required was for me to take ONE simple action!
To take the time to identify what I wanted to do, and to just do it.

Sometimes, we get in a funk and all we really need to do to get out of it, is flip the switch – to take action towards what we really want to create. 

What can you do today to nourish YOUR Soul?

It doesn’t have to be a trip, it can be something as simple as booking a DREAM BIG call.

Inspiring YOU to Live a Life you LOVE!

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