Decision making confusion.
Has that ever happened to you?
You have a decision to make. It feels like a fork in the road – you either go right, or you go left. But, you genuinely don’t know what you want … you don’t know what to do! You don’t know what to choose!!!

Then people tell you to listen to your heart, gut whatever you call it.
Meanwhile, you feel as though you’re falling into an abyss of ultimate overwhelm from the confusion of what your mind is telling you; what your gut is feeling; what your inner voice is whispering; and, what everyone else is saying, suggesting and thinking.


This past month, that was me.
I had a decision to make (yet, again) and it literally felt as though, option 1 would create reality one and option 2 would create reality two. But life isn’t that simple. Decision making is rarely spic and span, black or white, yes or no. Decision making comes with layers of wants and desires that can’t always be met. Obstacles and illusions that are created in the mind. Limited beliefs that make us feel it’s impossible to find the perfect solution to our decision making dilemma.

But, here’s the thing.
No matter what your heart, mind or friends are saying. It’s your life and the decision also needs to be yours. And, by the way, it’s OK to make an initial decision and then change your mind ten thousand times. Yes, it might drive other people crazy if you’re not the only one involved in the decision that needs to be made. BUT, some of us need that extra yes, no, trial and error period to figure out what it is we really want.

You know, try option A, OK that didn’t work out. So you choose option B … hmm, the experience wasn’t any better, so you create option C – ah, just right.

We often fall into the trap of either or. Example: Either I keep this job or I have to quit to find a better one. We fail to realize that we can pause and imagine our best case scenario. What would be the perfect scenario to leave your current job and find a better one?

When you take the time to bring creativity into your life and your decision making, you’ll start to notice shifts in your mindset and the ways in which you approach life. You will start to see options where there were none before.

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