How Negative Thoughts Can Become YOUR Best-Friend

Do you ever feel as though you’ve tried EVERYTHING to find fulfillment and meaning in your career, but nothing seems to work? You’ve spent years thinking about your career transition, but “something” keeps getting in your way. And now, you’ve become aware of this comfort zone that is slowly creeping up on you, that’s creating a wall between you and your dreams. A wall that’s starting to feel like unsurmountable fears and impossible ambitions.

So you start thinking that maybe finding fulfillment, meaning and happiness in one’s career is just a dream …

Well, I’m here to let you know that it’s not. I know you feel that ongoing tug that there’s something better out there for you, this undying itch to pursue the dream career. I also know that sometimes you let certain thoughts arise and talk you out of this uncertain and unconventional path. 

There’s …

Maybe next year when I’ll be ready
That one’s been going on for a couple of years now …
Maybe when I’ll have enough money
Have you made any plans to save money yet?
What if this is as good as it gets
Hmm, well it definitely can’t get any better unless you do something different …
What if the dream career is impossible?
And, what if it’s not!

When you let these thoughts take over, they become your best friend. They make sure you stay in your comfort zone. They make you believe that your current work situation will magically change when it’s meant to change, without requiring you to make a choice and take action. They make you believe that if your career was meant to be different then it would be. Things would naturally shift in the right direction to create the perfect situation for you – the perfect situation to find your dream career.

These thoughts make you believe you should be able to do it all by yourself …
I used to think that way too.

I used to believe that everything that happened to me was completely out of my control. That I was just a puppet in this reality called life. I couldn’t control my emotions, my reactions nor my external situations. And, I had to live my life the way everyone was living theirs.

I believed this until the day I read the quote: “everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result, make a different choice.”

Sitting back and waiting for something new to happen when you’re doing nothing … will only result in recreating the same pattern you’ve created up until now. And, if you’ve ever let concerns, worries, or justifications keep you from going after your dream – then they might as well become your best friend.

These negative thoughts think they know what’s best for you … but you are the one who needs to decide what’s best for you first.

Then, positive thoughts can support you. However, you need to train your mind to think positively – and in this case, a sidekick – a Career Counsellor & Coach can help.

So, if you’ve ever thought to yourself “is this it?” I’m going to invite you to find your purpose. In making this decision, I’m going to encourage you to choose to take action so you can create the shift and change you’ve been yearning to experience in life.

I can even offer you the perfect opportunity to take action so you can start a ripple effect that will help you get clear about your dream career.

Give me a shout and let’s see where you are and where you want to be by the end of 2019.
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