Do you ever find yourself thinking up a list of reasons why finding a new job will be impossible? Note, you’ve identified all of the obstacles that will arise, like you can predict the future and you can read other peoples’ minds…

Bringing change to your life, especially in the workplace when you have a great salary, awesome benefits, an amazing pension plan, and let’s not forget the insurance that pays for your monthly massage … is challenging; especially when you find it difficult to imagine you could ever find a better job.

A job that includes all of your “must haves.”

So, it’s easy to catch yourself saying “I’ll never find another job with such a great salary; the type of position I want doesn’t exist, and, – add any other personal objection to the job search here.”- …That’s you predicting the future again

However, one thing this mindset does predict is the reality that “what you believe you can’t find, you won’t find.” And that, my friend, is a fact (i.e., the self-fulfilling prophecy).

If you believe you won’t find a better position with a similar or higher pay, then you probably won’t find it. You won’t take the initiative to think of solutions to find this option, because you’ve already decided it doesn’t exist, so why would you take the necessary steps to look for it?!

You basically create your own glass ceiling.

By stating negative facts such as – “I will never find a job I love that will pay me what I deserve” – you’re attracting this reality to your life.

Ugh, I know right. You feel like I just punched you in the gut.
Not a great feeling on either end of that reality.

By taking a step back and objectively looking at your situation, without the emotions and preconceived notions, you’ll come to realize that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

You want a better job with a great salary?
Then go out and look for it.

You want flexible hours?
Then do the research to find companies that offer this option.

If you sit on your butt (yes this is me being blunt again) and you wait for the ideal job to magically appear on “Indeed” with all of your ideal criteria, well, it’s not impossible but the chances are slim, and you might be waiting for a long time while opportunities go unnoticed because you’ve decided they don’t exist.

No more excuses.
Are you ready to start taking the necessary steps to find YOUR dream career?
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