Goal-Setting for the Dreamer in YOU

The end of the year is here, can you believe how fast it went?!

Every single year, I’m amazed at how quickly a year goes by. And, it always reminds me that even though I might feel as though I have a lifetime in front of me to reach my dreams, life is short, and now is really the best time to accomplish my unique list of desires.

This is also why my newsletter shows up in your inbox every month. 

I want to help you, not only tap into what your heart truly desires, but remind you to  show up every month for yourself so you can start setting the foundation to finally wake up to a life and career you genuinely love.

‘Cuz it doesn’t happen overnight.

Waking up to a life and career you love requires you to slow down, to make space for some deep reflection, and to act in new ways, consistently, so you can start to experience something different.

A series of new experiences that allow you to see that your current life is not the only option.

 You CAN wake up to a life and career you LOVE!

And when your process starts to get challenging, remember that you do not have to do this alone.

Since 2015, I’ve been teaching my 5 part Self-Discovery process that I developed which includes theory, content, practice and one on one support to help DREAMERS like you get the clarity they’re looking for and the confidence they need to make their dream a reality.

And, it starts with ONE simple step.

The first step in this program is to set your goal.

To decide ahead of time your intention for your 3 to 6 months process. 

What do you want to accomplish?
What will you create?
What change do you want to see in your life?

Take the time to set a goal – I suggest using a pen and paper approach – so you can set a strong foundation to reach the dream you’ve been thinking of for years now.


By writing your goal down, you wire your brain to subconsciously set things in motion.

You set yourself up for success by simply choosing your goal and writing it down.

So as you wrap up 2022, and start prepping for the holiday season, set some time aside to review your year.

Look back on your 2022 goals, which ones were accomplished? Which ones were forgotten and might need to become priorities for the new year?

What are your next steps for 2023?

If finding a meaningful and fulfilling career is part of that list, let’s get you waking up to a life and career you love in 2023.

Book a DREAM BIG call or email me and let’s get you set up to start 2023 powerfully so you can finally wake up to a life and career you genuinely love.

Inspiring YOU to Live a Life you LOVE!

p.s. YOU deserve to wake up to a life and career you LOVE!

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