Giving Myself Permission

Giving Myself Permission is a title that I thought of but that came to me quite quickly. Why did I choose this title? – because I haven’t written on my blog for – who knows how long, at least over a year – and I want to give myself permission to be less than perfect.
What is being less than perfect to me, not feeling guilty that I have not sustained this project that I created and that I have wanted  to work on for so long. Giving myself permission to start a project, disappear and come back to it when I feel ready to fully pursue it. Not allowing the little voice in my head to wave or point the finger at me and make me feel as though I should not have a WordPress page up and running unless I am able to write on it continuously … not letting the voice make me feel that I SHOULD only have a blog if I will write every day, every week, every month – put your timeline here.
Giving myself permission also means that I am allowed to make choices that fit my life and pace. Therefore, I haven’t had the time or energy to write my blog and I want to give myself the space to accept this fact without feeling guilty. I’m back – that’s basically what is mostly important because that is the only reality in the present moment. It also means giving myself permission to potentially disappear again … and understanding that this might happen because I am in a process. The same process that most of my clients are faced with and going through. The process is continuous and it is important to GIVE OURSELVES PERMISSION to be LESS THAN PERFECT. It’s ok.
I do hope however; that I will be able to sustain my writing on a semi-regular basis … we’ll see – it’s all in the process of self-development and personal discovery!

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