Does the Dream Career Really Exist?

When you think about the DREAM CAREER, do you ever feel as though it’s unattainable? 

Like absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to make a reality, beyond your wildest dreams?

When I was thinking about leaving Canada to work in New York, the idea of finding work in the Big Apple and living in the United States seemed far-fetched. 

But I also knew that if I wanted to push through my mental limitations and fears, I had to take action.

So I did.

I did my research, found out about the perfect work permit for my goal, started to network in my field, and before I knew it, I was being hired for a position in Manhattan. 

It felt like a dream. And honestly, every single day I got off the subway at Bryant Park, I counted my blessings, grateful for this amazing opportunity. 

Don’t let the year go by without making YOUR dream a reality.

This year, I want to help you step into YOUR DREAM.
To experience the expansion of your heart when you are waking up to a life and career you LOVE. 

Because it’s possible, and it only takes one simple step. 

One simple initial action. 

Usually that ONE thing you’re afraid to do.

One step that will open the possibilities to the life you feel is currently unattainable. 

This month, give yourself permission to explore your fears and to choose ONE action you will take that will bring you one step closer to the life you desire.

(For example, click on the link to book YOUR DREAM BIG call …)

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