Have you ever tried on a pair of shoes that were awesome but didn’t really fit? But, you decided to buy them anyway? You probably ended up wearing them only once or twice, really hoping maybe they would stretch, or you would break them in enough for them to fit. 

You wish they would fit but really they didn’t, they remained uncomfortable. Actually, from the moment you tried them on for the first time you knew they were not a good fit. 

In my 20’s I often found myself in this situation. It was a weird habit that quickly spread to my life, especially my work life.  I remember a specific job interview where I had completed my studies, had no idea what I was going to do with the degree and got an interview. It wasn’t the right fit, but I was definitely desperate to find a job.

I decided to say yes to the offer even though it was everything I DID NOT want in a job. 

And, do you know why this happened? Do you understand why the employer didn’t pick up on my being the wrong fit? Because I played the part. I knew how to present myself in a way that the employer would want to hire me. Society had prepared me perfectly to “fit” into jobs. Instead of my finding (or even creating) a job that would support the expression of my personality, values, interests, and talents – I searched for jobs that were available.

This position, unfortunately, became my career from hell.

I know, this is an intense statement, but I like to talk about this event in my life because after having that experience, I promised myself that I would never, ever, ever put myself in a similar situation, ever again. And, although I never reached career hell again, it did take longer than anticipated to realize I was harming myself (my health suffered on more than one occasion) when I stayed in positions that were less than perfect.

One day, I finally made the conscious decision that listening to my heart would become a priority. When I started listening to my inner guide, things started going more smoothly in my life. I won’t pretend that it was easy – but the more you do it, the more you get used to it, and you see how following your heart can support you in reaching your deepest dreams. The ones that stir up fear and could have a major, positive impact in your life. And, I can help you do the same …  

I want to help you wake up to a career you LOVE. To help you bring more meaning and fulfillment not only to your work life but to your WHOLE life. 

So, here’s the first step you can take to get you closer to YOUR DREAM CAREER.
It’s really all about gaining clarity. Get clear about what you really want. It’s so much more than a job title. It’s your day to day routine and activities, your talents, your values, basically everything that’s important to you. It’s about saying what you want out loud – without the fear that you will “jinx” the outcome!

Yes, you have the freedom to make these types of choices and to decide what your “career” will look like, regardless of other people (i.e., friends, family, supervisors) think.

Ready to take that first step but not sure how to get started?
Book a complimentary “DREAM BIG – DREAM CAREER” complimentary session so I can support you in taking the next step.

Inspiring YOU to Live a Life you LOVE!
Priscilla ♥


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