Do it – Even if it Scares YOU!

Every single one of us experiences fear.

Some of us tend to embrace our fear: we take the next step forward even if the heart is beating a thousand miles a minute. Some of us tend to take a step back: we remain in our comfort zone waiting for something to happen that will give us the motivation to act.

Neither option is better than the other. There is a time and place for both boldness and reflection. But if you feel you sometimes get stuck in a place of fear, I’d like you to reflect on the change you really want to bring into your life this year.

2020 is a BIG YEAR!

It’s a new decade filled with possibilities you can create!
How will you make it memorable?
And when I say memorable, I really mean how will you take meaningful actions that will be a result of your conscious intentions?

You are probably amongst a majority that has been dreaming about a big change for years, and fear is often the only obstacle getting in the way. If you took the time to imagine your situation without fear, you would probably have no problem imagining yourself taking the next necessary step.

So what’s up with fear?

I’ve dealt with fear my whole life, and even though I have now walked alongside hundreds of clients on their personal journeys through fear towards their dreams – trust me, I still have to navigate my own fears every once in a while. 

Fear seems to creep up every time I choose to take a bigger step outside my comfort zone.
Every time I’m about to do something I REALLY want to do, I experience uncertainty and concern. 

The mind starts running wild with“what ifs” and all the scenarios of what could go wrong.
Other people’s comments ignite my confusion and make me go berserk!
And, finally, that one dreaded concern – WHAT IF I’M WRONG?!

But what if our focus was on faith instead of fear? What if the change you want to create in your life only required you to take that ONE action you’re SO afraid to take?

What if that ONE scary action was the key that opened the door to a world of possibilities?

What then?

It might be the difference between another year of dissatisfaction, or an extraordinary year of fun-filled experiences that make you come alive!

Here’s a little secret I want to share with you. In YOUR amazing, beautiful, adventurous life, you can never get it wrong. Every single decision you make will open doors that will teach you different lessons and expand the possibilities of what you can create, moving you ever closer to making YOUR DREAM a reality.

But life requires you to take a courageous step toward fear.

Fear can become a guidepost encouraging you to choose a life worth living. 

A life you deserve that will make you happy and excited to wake up to go to work. 
A life where YOUR dreams can become your lived reality.

If you’re ready for YOUR dreams to become YOUR reality in 2020 – don’t waste another moment, contact me and book a DREAM BIG call to help get you from where you are to where you want to be THIS YEAR … not some year in a distant future.

Inspiring YOU to Live a Life you LOVE!

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