Define YOU, Define YOUR Purpose

Stepping into YOUR Purpose


Three years ago, I opened my journal from the previous year on the exact same date. I realized that my concerns, complaints, worries and desires had remained exactly the same. I was shocked. I knew in that moment I had to change something, or my life would continue repeating itself over and over again.

Alas, it did!

This year, I looked back at my life in the last 3 years and felt as though I was in Groundhog Day. So the question I asked myself was, what kept me from taking that first step forward, onto a different path that I knew my heart so strongly desired?

Negative thinking and fear are often two of the major reasons we get in our own way. To make matters worse, add everyone else’s’ negative thoughts and fear as well as society’s conditions on our behaviours and we evidently feel stuck.

Three years ago, my life was on a roll, I had a great job, a condo, a partner, things were headed in the right direction.

But wait.

The right direction according to whom? I might seem a little dramatic but I felt like I was heading in one direction, the stable job, the house, the car, the partner, the kids, the retirement, and then death. I had an existential crisis –well I like to describe to that time in my life as one. I believed there was more to life than this monotonous routine everyone was falling into, like drones. I felt the need to do something differently.  

After a lot of thought –and don’t worry, there was definitely fear– I decided to leave my job and life behind to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

2014 would be the year of ME. Little did I know that every single year after that would also be all about me, what I wanted, what I needed and how I chose to live my life.

It is only when we are willing to step out of our comfort zone that things will shift for the better. I know that you’ve heard this one before. 

I’ve found 10 elements that supported me in my personal journey and that I present in depth during a 5 part self-experiential workshop “Define YOU, Define YOUR Purpose”. I also help you apply these elements to your life during private coaching sessions. The My Map to Happiness Philosophy is simple. Be realistic, be positive, be vulnerable, be creative, be self-loving, be spiritual, be courageous, be uncomfortable, be flexible, and be adaptable. By living this philosophy more and more since 2006, I started paving my path to a fulfilling existence.

It’s been 10 years for me, but don’t worry, you’re already on the path. You just need to start taking new actions to increase the opening of doors to guide you towards YOUR map to happiness.

So don’t believe in some of us just being luckier than others (I don’t believe in luck). It’s simply a choice, a conscious one. Either you choose to live in alignment with who you are, or you continue down your current path. You already know where it’ll lead you, because life is a cycle and you’ve already gone down this path.   

“Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know”

– Prema Chodron

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