Can Money Make YOU Happy?

Whenever I think about THE biggest fear my clients have around the decision to switch careers, finances is always what comes to mind. 

I think that’s actually the case for anyone looking to make any major changes in their life (i.e., moving, purchasing a home, asking for professional help).

Hey, even I have fears around finances that come around every once in a while. And, I can’t say I’ve always made the smartest financial decisions, but one thing I can say is that it’s always worked out for me. 

From money I forgot was owed to me, to money I didn’t even know existed.

When I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough money, money came to the rescue. 

But, the truth about the fear of not having enough money is that it often keeps us trapped. Trapped in a job we hate because we have bills to pay, and we don’t believe we can survive making less, losing our benefits, or not having a pension plan. 

We think our situation will be worse if we give these things up.

But is that really true?

Yes, we can all agree that living in society requires money, but does happiness require it too?

Based on research conducted on wealth and happiness, people who make between $50 – $75,000 are the happiest and most connected to their purpose.

Think about that one for a minute – $50,000 is all you need to feel connected to your Soul’s Purpose. 

That’s not a whole lot of money in today’s society, but what’s more important to you? The illusion of financial stability, or happiness?

When you start to explore what your heart truly desires in your life and career, it’s not about the money.
It’s about the experience.

So, the next time you feel the fear arise around a decision you have to make that also requires a financial decision, ask yourself: What’s important to me and what do I really want to experience? – so you can choose what’s aligned with your heart instead of your fears.

It’s almost the end of 2022 and it’s time for you to bring a positive change in YOUR life and career. 

If you’ve noticed that FEAR has been in the driver’s seat all year, then don’t let it take over anymore. 

I invite you take the first step towards turning your fears into action.
Book a DREAM BIG call and discover how you can finally wake up to a career you genuinely LOVE. 

Inspiring YOU to Live a Life you LOVE!

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