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3 Signs You’re Ready for Change

INQUISITIVENESS You’re wondering if you’re ready for change and hope someone or something will make this clear for you, even though deep down inside you know you desire a change. OBSERVATION You pay close attention to what others are doing in their life and often find yourself comparing your accomplishments to theirs, secretly wishing you

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Trust & Surrender

What’s on the Other Side of the Unknown

Hey Dreamer! If you’re like most people, the unknown can bring about feelings of fear, where you find yourself imagining worse case scenarios, and you let your imagination and your worries run the show. This is normal.  As a society, we’re programmed to expect the worst as a way of protecting us from “danger” instead

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3 Tips to Step out of your Comfort Zone

KNOW WHAT YOU WANT When you take the time to get crystal clear about what you really want, it becomes easier to confidently create the change you want to experience in your life.  TAKE ACTION Every little action you take will bring you one step closer to your dream. Take the first step and see

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Turn Fear into Action

Is Fear Keeping YOU Stuck?

Hey Dreamer, It’s 2023 and you might have been thinking about something, a dream, a wish, a desire, and those thoughts have been around for a while now, a pretty long while. And you know that whenever you think about taking action towards this dream, your mind goes into a tailspin of everything that could

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3 Tips for Self-Acceptance

BE YOU You, your emotions, behaviours, thoughts, opinions etc. are unique to you. Embrace them as the best version of yourself and let the world witness YOU as you are. NO NEED TO JUSTIFY We often feel as though we have to explain away our emotions, usually the ones we define as negative. Honour the

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career decision making
My Map to Happiness

The Art of Decision Making

  Hey Dreamer, Last year I invited you to show up as a FEARLESS, POWERFUL, and AMAZING woman. But, for many of us, being fearless, powerful, and amazing is easier said than done. And I get it. I used to be SO afraid. I was afraid of making wrong decisions. I was afraid to speak

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