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3 Tips to Experience Pleasure & Joy Everyday

THE LIST Make a list of everything that brings you joy. Scroll down your list and choose an option daily – and go for it. If you don’t know what brings you joy, try new things and discover what lights you up! GET UP Movement shifts the energy and emotions that are blocked in your

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How to LOVE Life, No Matter What!

Hey Dreamer! Summer is just around the corner, and during this time of year, it always seems easier to love life (especially if this is your favourite season). During my time away, I did a lot of reflecting and one of the questions I asked myself was «how do I recreate this feeling once I get

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3 Tips to Get Over Your Funk

HONOUR THE FUNK Don’t be in such a rush to get rid of your moodiness. It’s there for a reason. Acknowledge it by giving it the space to be fully expressed, so you can comfortably let go of it and move on. BREAK THE CYCLE Negativity can become an addiction. We feed it, justify it,

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Thought Power

How to Get out of a Negative Funk

Hey Dreamer! I’ll be honest.  In March 2020, my life was literally thrown upside down, and after having to make a difficult decision; I spent the next 2 years struggling to wake up to a life I loved.  There, I said it. As we entered the 3rd year of what felt like an ongoing chaos

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3 Tips to Get Unstuck

GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD Write it down, say it out loud, or take action. Just do something to shift the energy out of your head and into your hands and heart. K.I.S.S. IT Keep it super simple. TRUST  Stay in the present moment and trust that when you follow your nudges, they will guide

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My Map to Happiness

How to Get Unstuck, When You Feel Stuck

Hey Dreamer,  When I work with creative Souls like you, who are ready for a major change in their life and career, feeling stuck is often part of the experience. You might be familiar with that feeling of knowing something’s gotta change, but also feeling like nothing’s going to change unless you know exactly what

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I help creative, unconventional, professional women who feel unhappy at work, wake up to a life and career, they want, love, and deserve.

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