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Why Saying NO is Important for YOUR DREAM CAREER

Hey Dreamer! It’s rare to meet anyone who enjoys saying NO. There’s something about this two letter word that makes us feel like we need to justify it; or, that we’re hurting someone’s feelings by saying it.  I used to REALLY struggle with my NO, by avoiding difficult conversations, or finding excuses to justify my

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3 Tips to Connect to YOUR Desires

BE PATIENTFiguring out what you really desire doesn’t take a lot of time. What might take you some time is trusting yourself enough to honour what you desire. Be patient with yourself. Once you decide you are ready to discover what you want to do, the answer will come to you. You can always ask

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What if YOU’RE a Late Bloomer?

Hey Dreamer, I want to normalize waking up in your 40’s, questioning your life, and having no idea what you want to do next. Believe me when I say, this is normal. Ninety-nine percent (99%) of my clients, yes basically all of them, are in this exact situation! For many, they went through life checking off

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3 Tips to Believe in YOUR Dream

SAY IT A powerful moment in my sessions with clients is when they share their dream out loud. Take the time to identify what you really want so you can have a clear vision of YOUR dream, and remember to vocalize it. VISUALIZE IT Take a moment daily to connect to your vision. Believe that

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Thought Power

How to Turn YOUR Hopes, Dreams, & Wishes, into Reality

Hey Dreamer, I never used to let myself DREAM BIG because I was way too afraid to be disappointed if my wishes didn’t come true. I would anticipate the worst and settle for whatever came my way. Looking back I can see that playing it safe/small was my default.  I believed that it was easier

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3 Tips to Get Dream Career Clarity

MAKE A LIST Make a list of what you really want in an ideal career. If you are clear about what you don’t want, think of its opposite to start to get some clarity about what you actually want. CREATE SACRED SPACE It’s easy to get swayed when we’re confused and worried we won’t make

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