Belief Systems & Mindsets

We often want quick fixes to complex situations. 

In a past newsletter, I mentioned that I wanted to take the time to reflect on what I was offering YOU moving forward.

I sensed, earlier on this year, that it was time to refresh. I felt myself losing a bit of my spark and knew that meant something had to change.

And, although I recognize this is an ongoing process, here’s the latest update:

  1. We often have to say goodbye to the old to create the space for the new, to not only arise but bloom! In my journey helping you wake up to a life and career YOU LOVE, I got side tracked and started offering a lot of job search support. It definitely makes sense since knowing how to successfully look for work is important if your Dream Career is mainstream. However, I’ve decided to redirect my focus by only offering this option as an online course to give me more time and freedom to help you discover what your heart truly desires in a career.
  1. We often want a clear plan before we decide to act. However, sometimes in order to see what’s next, we need to trust in the Universe and just take the next step. I have always had the same passion. To get as many people as possible waking up to a life and career they LOVE! This passion has always been guided by the desire to support my clients to live the life they want to life, not the one they think they should be living! And, to find their purpose so they can step into their authentic self. This belief also applies to my life. My heart has been tugging me in a direction that’s not yet 100% clear, even though the first step is crystal clear. 

The ONE thing that’s often in the way of us pursuing what our heart really desires is our fear of choosing the wrong option (i.e., more often than not the heart option).

But the question remains, what do YOU really want?

When you take the time to reflect on and get clear about what your heart truly desires, the right option is often the one that will bring you closer to what you really want. 

Inspiring YOU to Live a Life you LOVE!

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