3 Tips to Tap into What YOUR Heart Truly Desires

Make journaling a habit. This can be done ideally in the morning, after your meditation, so you can dump all the unnecessary thoughts and start to see who you are and what you really want more clearly.

During your meditations, ask to be guided and surrender to what your little voice tells you. We are often afraid to hear what we really want – because we know what it is and we know it will require us to step out of our comfort zone if we choose to act based on what we discover.

Get comfortable having fun and letting go on a daily basis. Your heart wants you to enjoy life but it won’t happen on its own. Create the time and space to laugh and play. Sing along to your favourite songs in the car; smile fully when you’re happy; laugh out loud – that full hearty laugh; and start to pay attention to what enlivens you and do more of it! Do whatever it takes to wake up your inner child who LOVES life!

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